Will Elon Musk’s incessant innuendo ever catch up with him?

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Elon Musk’s Love for Boobs: A Billionaire’s Immature Obsession


Elon Musk, that big-shot billionaire, is totally fixated on boobs. Like, seriously obsessed. He’s always going on about them, to the point where he thought it was a brilliant idea to turn “Twitter” into “Titter” by painting over the “W” at their headquarters. Talk about a lame joke! He even ran a poll asking if they should delete the “w” in Twitter before splashing out $44 billion to buy the platform. All that just for a dumb gag!

This isn’t the first time he’s acted like a clueless kid giggling about female anatomy. Back in 2021, he joked about starting a university called the Texas Institute of Technology & Science. Get it? It’s supposed to be a naughty acronym. So hilarious, right? Seems like Musk never gets tired of this kind of joke. Just this year, he tweeted, “Boobs just rock, it’s a fact,” along with a meme of a guy getting distracted by cleavage.


Some people brush off Musk’s immature antics and constant innuendo as harmless fun. But it’s not harmless at all. Musk runs several major companies, and his behavior sets a tone for their workplaces. If the big boss thinks it’s okay to be crude and sexist in public, what does that say to his employees?

Well, it turns out there are plenty of lawsuits that shed light on this. Take Jessica Barraza, a Tesla worker who filed a complaint in 2021, alleging a “pervasive culture of sexual harassment” at the company. She said she faced frequent groping and lewd comments like “Look at those titties” and “She’s got cakes.” Barraza is just one of many former Tesla employees who’ve sued over sexual harassment.


And it’s not just Tesla. Recently, eight engineers sued Musk’s SpaceX, claiming they were fired for speaking up about sexual harassment and discrimination against women. They say the harassment echoed Musk’s own posts and created a hostile environment. The lawsuit even mentions a video where Musk jokes about sexual misconduct, showing the “correct” way to spank a colleague. Not exactly the behavior you’d expect from a leader in space travel.

These lawsuits coincide with reports about Musk’s personal life, including claims that he had relationships with employees, asked a woman to have his babies, and fathered children with a top executive at his company. It’s no wonder some people are starting to question whether this guy, who seems fixated on women’s bodies, is really a business genius.

But despite all this, Musk’s fans and shareholders keep cheering him on. Tesla shareholders even approved a $45 billion pay deal for him, the largest ever for a US-listed company executive. The lesson? Apparently, misogyny pays off, at least for some people.

Arwa Mahdawi, a Guardian columnist, sheds light on Musk’s antics and their consequences.

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