Wild Weather Returns: Storms, Heatwaves, and Freezing Temperatures

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Wild Weather Returns: Storms, Heatwaves, and Freezing Temperatures


The Storm Season is Back

After a few quiet weeks, the storm season in the US is back with a bang. On Sunday, Kansas got hit hard with 100mph winds and hail as big as tennis balls. This year’s storm season has been super busy, especially now that we’re moving from late spring into early summer. This is the time when tornadoes are most likely to pop up in the plains and midwest.


An area of low pressure is moving across the central US, bringing in lots of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. This mix means we might see more tornadoes and huge hail in many states. On Tuesday, the severe weather risk could stretch all the way from Oklahoma up to the Great Lakes.

A Wild Weather Week Ahead

This low-pressure system is not only bringing storms but also causing a big temperature split across the US and Canada. In the northeast US and eastern Canada, the warm air is pushing temperatures up to 10°C above normal. Cities like Ottawa and Detroit could hit 30°C by Wednesday.

But if you look to the west in Canada and the US, the temperatures are doing the opposite. They could drop nearly 20°C thanks to the cold air being pulled down by the same low-pressure system. On Wednesday and Thursday, some places might struggle to even hit double digits. Things should get back to normal temperatures later in the week.

South America’s Weather Roller Coaster

South America is in for some wild weather too. Parts of Brazil and Paraguay will be much warmer than usual, with temperatures 6-8°C above average. But in Chile and Argentina, winter is coming early. Temperatures there will be over 10°C below normal. In Argentina, places like Mendoza might only reach 5°C on Friday, which is about 13°C colder than usual. And it looks like the cold will stick around into next week.

Stay Safe and Stay Tuned

With all this crazy weather, it’s a good time to stay updated on the forecasts and be ready for anything. Whether it’s braving storms, enjoying the heat, or bundling up against the cold, this week has it all.

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