Vaychiletik review – beautifully-shot Mexican folk music study in the high arthouse style

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Exploring the Life of José Pérez López: A Dive into Zinacantán’s Melodies


Meeting José Pérez López

So, there’s this flick spinning around, capturing José Pérez López, a flute maestro and farmer tucked away in Zinacantán, Mexico. Picture this: lush frames of locals jamming, stitching threads into tales, diving into days-long shindigs, and nurturing their blossoms in greenhouse havens – just your average day in the hood. But here’s the twist – it’s not just any hood; it’s the land of the Mayan kin, where spirits dance, and beliefs sway between polytheism and the saints’ embrace.

Lost in Translation

Now, here’s where the yarn tangles. You see, this movie forgets to play translator. Names? Nah, they don’t hand them out freely here. You get José, the seasoned soul, and Elvia Pérez Suárez, who ain’t shy to wag a finger when José sips a bit too much. And there’s Esteban Pérez Pérez, probably the offspring of José and Elvia, hustling alongside them. Kids? Could be Esteban’s brood or just the neighbors’ tykes. But hey, who needs clarity when you’re on an artsy roll, right?


A Cinematic Hush

To amp up the artsy vibe, the edit plays it slow and steady. Conversations? They meander like a lazy river. The plot? Well, there ain’t one, ’cause who needs a roadmap when you’re on a cinematic voyage to the unknown?

A Tune of Truth

Now, when the music hits, that’s when the reel truly sings. José spills some beans through his grizzled voice, sharing how a dream nudged him onto the flute path. But that’s where the tale ends – no digging deeper, just a snippet of insight in a sea of mystique.

Final Take

Sure, the film’s got flair, but it feels more like a peek into a snow globe than a real dive into José’s world. The mystic lens paints his kin as enigmatic beings, lost in the swirl of the camera’s gaze.

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