The Silent Haircut: A Modern Take on Salon Etiquette

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The Silent Haircut: A Modern Take on Salon Etiquette



How important do you think you are? So important that only other big shots can talk to you? Or so high and mighty that your hair needs to be cut in complete silence?

I’m asking because there’s this hair stylist, Kati Hakomeri, in Helsinki. She started offering a “silent service” at her salon, Parturi Kati. You can book it online: “A haircut without talking. After the consultation, you can be on your own, recharge, and relax.” Hakomeri herself is an introvert, and she says this service is perfect for busy professionals or tired moms.

What’s fascinating is how some folks are jumping on this silent haircut idea like it’s a long-awaited escape from a terrible fate. It’s like, finally, a moment of peace in their crazy lives!


But seriously, let’s get some perspective here. I doubt your hairdresser has been grilling you on ancient Greek literature while straightening your hair.

Turns out, silent haircuts aren’t new. They’ve been offered from Australia to North Carolina for a while now. Some even think the pandemic made people more into quiet haircuts.

A Little Chit-Chat Never Hurt Anyone

It’s called small talk, and it’s really no big deal. You pretend to be interested in their vacation, and it’s done.


Then there’s the unofficial silent haircut. Lots of hairdressers are naturally quiet. If you like their silent vibe, great! Enjoy your coffee and cookie in peace. But actually booking a silent haircut? Let’s be real – it’s kind of rude.

I get it, if you’re super shy, overworked, or really fragile, fine. But for the rest of us? How hard is it to be friendly to your stylist? How awkward would it be to ask them not to talk while trimming your bangs? Do you think they even want to chat with you? Like they care about your latest trip to Mykonos or wherever.

From my experience, the super chatty, clueless hairdresser is a myth. These pros know how to read the room. Small talk is easy. You fake interest in their vacation, and it’s done. Unless you strike gold and get some juicy gossip about reality TV stars or infidelities. Who wouldn’t want that?


The Fuss Over Silence

To me, this silent haircut thing makes a big deal out of nothing. It’s like those stories about Tom Cruise telling people not to look him in the eye. It also lets guys brag about their cheap, silent barbers.

But when I look into modern barber shops, it’s all loud music, exposed brick, and motorbike decor. Are they getting haircuts or prepping for a wild adventure?

Salons, on the other hand, are usually calm and simple. They’re a place to escape work or family, and there’s a kind of unspoken bond among the customers.

Manners Matter

It’s sad to see this “silent treatment” creating a divide in salons. This attitude – “I don’t have to talk to you, so I won’t” – feels snobbish. Would these people tell their doctors to be silent? Or expect their lawyers to communicate with hand signals?

This has a nasty vibe of treating others like servants. It’s similar to being rude to waiters. And I bet these same people complain about AI and the lack of human interaction these days.

I wonder if this trend will really take off. Maybe stylists should have a rule: no tip if you zip it. The rest of us should just remember to be polite. After all, the last person you want to offend is your hair stylist. Remember what Fleabag said: “Hair is everything.”

A Friendly Reminder

So next time you’re at the salon, try to be a bit friendly. A little chat won’t kill you, and who knows, you might even enjoy it. Haircuts are more than just getting your hair trimmed; they’re a chance to connect, even if just a little.

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