The Rise of Sleeveless Chic: A Fashion Revolution

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The Rise of Sleeveless Chic: A Fashion Revolution



Bishop. Puff. Raglan. Lantern. Kimono. Bell. These aren’t just words; they’re the magic spells of fashion today. If you want to scream, “I’m not just wearing clothes; I’m wearing Fashion,” then you need a sleeve that’s as wild as its name. Enter the statement sleeve, born in the Zoom-lockdown era but now ruling the roost in 2024. Bella Baxter’s outrageous sleeves even helped Emma Stone snag an Oscar for Poor Things.

But hold your breath, folks, because the sleekest sleeve of them all? It’s the one that’s missing. Sleevelessness is the new power move. Picture this: sleeveless knits and jackets strutting down the runway of cool. It’s like wearing a jumper or a jacket, but with a bold twist – no sleeves! And that’s where the magic happens.


The Bold Move: Going Sleeveless

Let’s take a step back, shall we? If you’re thinking, “Is she talking about tank tops?” Yes, but shh, don’t say that out loud. Think sleeveless knit or sweater, or if you’re feeling posh, a tabard.

I used to roll my eyes at sleeveless knits. I mean, why wear a jumper without sleeves? But I was missing the plot. They’re perfect for layering over light stuff, extending the life of your summer dresses. And guess what? If your core is cozy, bare arms are surprisingly comfy, even when it’s not scorching outside.


Embracing Modern Chic

Here’s the real deal: sleeveless knits are the epitome of modern chic. They’re preppy in a fun, weekend-party way, but with a dash of nerdy-cool, courtesy of Prada.

Pairing a sleeveless knit with a sleeved dress or blouse? That’s where the magic kicks in. A cozy Fair Isle knit can jazz up a plain shirt, or flip it around – a crisp, boxy knit can sharpen up a flowery dress. And when worn alone, as a chunky vest, it’s all about that sleek, vertical line. Wide-legged trousers? Yes, please.


Level Up: Sleeveless Blazers

So, you’ve mastered the sleeveless knit. Now, onto the summer’s ultimate challenge: the sleeveless blazer. John Lewis has a slick double-breasted number that could turn skeptics into believers. The fanciest sleeve of the season? It’s non-existent, but boy, does it make a statement.

And there you have it, folks – the sleeveless revolution is here to stay. Embrace the bold, the chic, and the downright fabulous. Because when it comes to fashion, who needs sleeves anyway?

[Styling assistant: Sam Deaman. Models: Liz De Aza at Milk (left) and Selina at Mrs Robinson. Hair and makeup: Sophie Higginson using Ouai hair care and Nudestix. Liz wears: sleeveless jumper by Zara, red trousers by Cos, earrings by YSSO. Selina wears: sleeveless jumper by Toast, shirt by Boden, trousers by Arket, earrings by YSSO]

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