Summer Style Showdown: Aussie Olympic Uniform Unveiled!

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Summer Style Showdown: Aussie Olympic Uniform Unveiled!


G’day mates! Picture this: a sunny Wednesday morning down at Clovelly Surf Life Saving Club in Sydney’s east. That’s where the big reveal went down for Australia’s 2024 Olympic opening ceremony gear. With a little squint and a dash of imagination, you could almost mistake the concrete beachfront for the picturesque River Seine in Paris, where our Aussie athletes will strut their stuff in just 100 days. Well, if you ignore the swimmers doing their laps, that is. (Heard the Seine might be a no-go for swimming, bit of a bummer.)

Sportscraft and the Australian Olympic Committee have teamed up for the tenth time to design these duds, along with kicks from Volley (their fourth time in the Olympic game). According to Elisha Hopkinson, big boss at APG & Co, the brains behind Sportscraft, these threads are all about Parisian flair. “We’re blending style and function, making sure our athletes feel like champs as they hit the global stage.”


Now, tapping into Parisian chic for a worldwide event in France? That’s like comparing a Vegemite toastie to a croissant or forgetting to fill in your mate on a new car deal.

Let’s be real here: the French crew’s gear – a sleek navy suit and crisp white shirt – was whipped up by none other than Carine Roitfeld, ex-editor at Vogue France, teaming up with the big shots at LVMH, the luxury powerhouse. Their gear’s getting custom-made in Italy by Berluti, a top-tier tailor. Meanwhile, our Aussie blazers, skirts, and shorts are rocking “stretchy fabrics” and made over in China.


At the uniform debut, nine of our hopeful Aussie champs strutted their stuff, including speedster Torrie Lewis (now officially our fastest lady), soccer star Michelle Heyman, rugby sevens skipper Nick Malouf, and Jeff Dunne, our pioneer in breaking (yeah, that’s breakdancing at the Olympics, folks).

The guys will be rocking a snazzy single-breasted blazer with a cotton tee underneath, decked out in gold and green trim, paired with some beige knee-length shorts. The gals get a double-breasted blazer option, or they can rock the shorts with a pleated skirt that’s got a gradient of green, gold, and white.


Now, about that print. Sylvia Jeffreys, host extraordinaire of Wednesday’s shindig, reckons it’s all inspired by those warm Parisian sunsets, with a hint of green and gold ombre. As someone who’s spent a fair chunk of time in Paris, I can vouch for those sunsets being a real showstopper, but green skies? Nah, never seen ’em.

And here’s a cool twist: for the first time ever, the Aussie Olympians’ oath is stitched right into the inside pocket of each blazer. Plus, we’ve got some ace Indigenous artwork by Olympic boxer Paul Fleming and Torres Strait Island artist David Bosun, adding a touch of personal flair. Heyman’s rocking the scarf like a pro, and beach volleyballer Mariafe Artacho del Solar’s even popping one in her hair.


But here’s the thing – Hopkinson talked about sport bringing folks together from all walks of life, right? So why do our Olympic uniforms, worn by our top athletes, seem to only represent one slice of Aussie life? Those pleated skirts, chino shorts, and boxy blazers? They’re like a throwback to private school threads.

We’ve got heaps of top-notch designers who know how to capture Australia’s laid-back vibe. Alix Higgins, PE Nation, Lucy Folk, Song for the Mute, Nagnata, and Beare Park – they’re all ace at tapping into our country’s energy. And don’t forget our surf brands like Rip Curl and Billabong, representing Aussie beach culture like nobody’s business. Remember when our athletes rocked Mambo at the Sydney Olympics? They looked mint.

And let’s not forget – Paris in July? It’s gonna be scorching. So, standing there in his linen blazer, not exactly the coolest choice for a summer sizzler, Malouf had a point. “It’s gonna be a scorcher over there,” he said, “but these threads are pretty breathable, so at least we won’t be roasting alive. Nice touch, for sure.”

So there you have it – our Aussie Olympians are set to hit Paris in style, blending a bit of Aussie flair with a touch of Parisian chic. Here’s hoping they’ll bring home the gold – and maybe a few style points too! 🥇🇦🇺

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