Step Back in Time: Modstock’s Celebration of 60s Culture

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Step Back in Time: Modstock’s Celebration of 60s Culture


Imagine this: Hundreds of vintage lovers, all decked out in sharp tailor-made suits and chic berets, descending on London for a weekend of pure 60s nostalgia. That’s exactly what’s happening at Modstock, a three-day event that brings the mod subculture back to life.


Modstock first hit the scene 30 years ago, thanks to Rob Bailey, a British vintage enthusiast and his group, the New Untouchables. Now, it’s back for its fourth edition, but here’s the kicker – this event only happens once every ten years! So, if you miss it, you’ll be waiting a decade for the next one.

A Weekend Full of 60s Vibes

This epic three-day and all-night extravaganza is packed with vintage car shows, enlightening talks, live music, bustling market stalls, a scooter run, club nights, and even a party on a Thames boat. It’s like stepping right into a 60s dream.


Meeting the Icons

Held in West London, Modstock isn’t just about the festivities. It’s also about the legendary 60s icons who show up. Think singers like PP Arnold and Fay Hallam, and drummer Kenney Jones. But it’s not all about the old-school legends. The event also features bands, DJs, clothes makers, and vintage car sellers who, while not from the 60s, draw immense inspiration from that golden era.

Rob Bailey sums it up perfectly: “We’re celebrating a culture that has shaped so much of our music and fashion over the past six decades.”


A Global Gathering

People from all corners of the globe flock to London for this celebration. Mod isn’t just a British thing anymore; it’s a worldwide phenomenon. Fans come together, each bringing their unique twist to the scene.

Take David Davidson, for example. Celebrating his 60th birthday this year, he traveled all the way from Toronto, Canada. His wife gave him the green light to treat himself, and what better way than to dive into a mod fest? David’s been a 60s fanatic since his university days in the 80s. He loves dressing up in 60s suits, driving vintage cars, and hosting retro events. Through the internet, he’s connected with fellow mod lovers from around the world.

David told us, “I saw people I follow online would be attending, so I thought it would be a great chance to meet them. It’s just fun to be around folks who share your taste. Toronto has its mod events, but nothing like this.”

Learning From the Past

Modstock isn’t just for the older generation. Younger folks are eager to soak up the history and vibe from those who lived through it. Alexandra Mason, 24, from Stoke on Trent, is one of them. She’s been into mod and 60s events for years, but this is her first Modstock.

“I’m thrilled to see 60s icons perform. It’s a rare chance,” she said. “I can’t wait to see PP Arnold. She’s always inspired me as a female musician. Her life is amazing.”

Alexandra will also be performing at Modstock with her band, The Crystal Teardrop. “We love classic artists like the Beatles and the Kinks. We’re excited to contribute to the mod scene,” she shared. Invited by Bailey and his team, they hope to make their mark on this historic event.

So, if you’re in London this weekend and have a love for all things vintage, don’t miss out on Modstock. It’s not just a festival; it’s a vibrant celebration of a culture that’s shaped so much of what we love today.

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