Spring Awakening: Embracing Florals with Flair

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Spring Awakening: Embracing Florals with Flair


Ah, behold the daylight, stretching its arms into the evenings, a sight we’ve missed sorely during those 27 months post-Christmas, mostly spent peering out office windows. But now, it’s here, mingling with the sweet chime of the ice-cream van and the laid-back hum of Lime bikes. It can only mean one thing – the time has come. You swing open your wardrobe, your hand reaching for that floral dress, a rite of passage as spring unfolds its petals.

Every year, this moment feels somewhat bittersweet, thanks to that little voice in your head, channeling the sass of Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada. You know the line, right? “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking,” she quips, as if wilting a million ditsy prints with a single glance.


But guess what? I want to rock a floral dress when spring rolls around. So what if it’s not revolutionary? It’s not meant to be. Florals for spring aren’t about setting trends, which is why the fashion elite turn up their noses at them. It’s a ritual, a signpost of time passing, a celebration of surviving yet another winter. Swapping out your umbrella for sunglasses – it’s not just a practical shift, it’s a declaration of hope, of anticipation.

Because let’s face it, spring doesn’t just waltz in on the first day of spring, or when the clocks spring forward, or during the spring bank holiday, or even at Easter. We get a tease of sunshine, and we all gush, “Ah, spring! Isn’t it lovely?” Then bam, it’s back to frostbite weather. This cycle repeats through April. So eventually, you gotta stop obsessing over the forecast and take a leap of faith. Cast your vote for spring. That’s what the floral dress represents – a flag planted firmly in the soil of hope for the season ahead.


Now, Miranda might sneer at us, calling us basic. But we’re not just wearing a dress; we’re channeling our connection with nature through the medium of a midi dress, thank you very much. The best floral dresses aren’t timid. Check out Nobody’s Child, especially their Pastel Floral Nova Smock Midi Dress. Dark backgrounds, like Kitri’s Bridget Black Vine Leaf Print Shirred Maxi Dress, add instant class. And big, bold flowers? They scream confidence. Or opt for a smaller bud for a touch of elegance, like Albaray’s Sprig Floral Sun Dress, with its meadow flower print on a pristine white canvas.

But you know what’s even better? Raiding your own closet. After all, those first floral flings of spring often come with practical layers, ’cause let’s be real, a flimsy dress won’t cut it yet. It’s partly about the dress and partly about what you pair it with. Your extra layer should add flair, not kill the vibe. So put some thought into the ensemble instead of just throwing on a dress and grabbing any ol’ cardigan when the chill hits.


Did you snag a sleeveless knit this winter? It’s a game-changer. Pair it with your floral dresses as the weather warms. Not only does it transform a holiday-weight dress into a spring stunner, but it also earns you fashion cred, because sleeveless knits are totally in. And if yours is neutral-toned, it tones down any print that’s feeling a tad too loud.

Or try a blazer as a cardigan, cinched with a slim belt for a softer silhouette. Tights might not work, but if you’re not ready for bare legs, take a cue from Anna Wintour, who rocked a pansy-print Stella McCartney silk dress with knee-high snake-print boots at Paris Fashion Week. Chic, right? Take that, Miranda!

Styling assistant: Sam Deaman. Models: Liz De Aza at Milk (right) and Selina at Mrs Robinson (left). Hair and makeup: Sophie Higginson using Hair by Sam McKnight and Charlotte Tilbury. Selina wears: floral co-ord by Essentiel Antwerp, earrings by YSSO. Liz wears: dress by & Other Stories, necklace by Crystal Haze.

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