Should You Splurge on Sunglasses? Here’s Why I Think It’s a Bad Idea

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Why My Girlfriend Shouldn’t Buy Expensive Sunglasses

Alright, here’s the deal. My girlfriend, Monica, has this knack for losing stuff. Sure, she’s got a handle on the big things, but when it comes to small items like house keys or sunglasses, she’s a mess. We’ve replaced our house keys three times, and don’t even get me started on her sunglasses.


So now, she wants to splurge on some high-end shades. Seriously? Last time I got her a nice pair for her birthday, they vanished in six months. She was so embarrassed she hid it from me, but I found out and couldn’t help but laugh.

The Never-Ending Sunglasses Hunt

We’ve had so many café moments where we had to rush back because she left her sunglasses behind. She even lost a pair while we were backpacking through Europe. Her excuse? “We were traveling!” But come on, losing them at home is just as frequent. I’ve told her countless times that buying expensive ones is pointless since she’ll just lose them again. She claims I’m trying to control her, but I’m just being practical. Losing a £200 pair hurts way more than a £10 pair, and maybe that pain will teach her to be more careful.

Monica’s Monthly Sunglasses Ritual

Right now, she buys the same cheap pair from the high street every month. She believes she’d take better care of pricier ones, but I think that’s nonsense. If she can’t keep track of the cheap ones, why would expensive ones be any different?


Besides, they’re just sunglasses. No one cares about the brand unless you’re a fashion guru. Monica has her eyes on some Gucci and Versace shades. If she wants to upgrade her style, why not go for a nice dress instead? She loves looking good, and I get that. But until she proves she can keep track of her sunglasses, I can’t support her getting designer ones. I even suggested she use a chain to keep them around her neck, but she shot that idea down because she doesn’t like how it looks.

Why I Want Expensive Sunglasses

Okay, so Barry’s making me sound like a total ditz here, but I swear I’m organized! I handle all our bills and cooking, but he conveniently leaves that part out. I think I might have undiagnosed ADHD, which is why I lose small things. I start a task, get distracted, and forget about it. That’s how I lost that pricey pair Barry got me – pretty sure they were Prada.

My Style Evolution

I don’t have expensive taste, but I’m trying to build a capsule wardrobe with a mix of high-end and classic pieces. I’m 34, and I’d rather invest in quality than fast fashion. But yes, I do lose my sunglasses a lot, so maybe Barry has a point. Still, I think if I had more expensive ones, I’d take better care of them. I’ve only lost one expensive pair, after all.


Barry suggests I use a chain, and while I’ve seen it’s trendy, I’m not a fan. Currently, I buy a cheap pair every few months. But honestly, I feel that having a more expensive pair would motivate me to be more careful.

Feminist Perspective

It’s frustrating to be told what to wear by a man. As a feminist, I find Barry’s suggestions annoying. I should be free to spend my money as I please. Women fought for equality, and that includes my right to splurge on designer sunglasses if I want. Summer’s coming, and I might just surprise Barry with a flashy new pair. He’ll probably laugh and say they’ll last “five minutes,” but that’s my problem, not his.

What Do You Think?

Barry’s Perspective:


“I think Monica should stick to cheap sunglasses because she loses them so often. It’s just practical.”

Monica’s Perspective:

“I believe I’d take better care of expensive sunglasses and deserve to spend my money how I want. Barry’s suggestions feel controlling.”


Reader Opinions

Belinda, 64:
“I think Barry is trying to control Monica, and that’s not okay. She should be able to spend her money as she wishes.”

Ciaran, 34:
“Barry shouldn’t dictate Monica’s choices. If she loses her own property, that’s her issue.”

Marcin, 47:
“Everyone has the right to spend their money on what makes them happy, whether it’s cheap cider or expensive sunglasses.”

Alice, 26:
“Barry is overreacting, but Monica should consider a chain or a bum bag to keep her sunglasses safe.”

Catriona, 71:
“Monica should buy the sunglasses she wants. Barry sounds controlling.”

Now, It’s Your Turn!

Should Monica stick to cheap sunglasses, or is Barry being too controlling? Vote in our online poll and share your thoughts!

Poll Results:

  • 85% think Mikey should open a joint bank account with his fiancée.
  • 79% believe Patricia should buy Martin’s brother a house.
  • 59% say Lily should be mindful of her friend’s financial situation.

The Verdict

Let us know if you think Monica should get those designer sunglasses, or if Barry’s advice holds some wisdom.

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