Secret Service agent robbed at gunpoint during Biden fundraising trip to LA

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Secret Service Agent Robbed During Biden’s LA Visit


A shocking incident unfolded Saturday night in Tustin, just outside Los Angeles, as a Secret Service agent fell victim to an armed robbery. While President Joe Biden was attending a glitzy fundraising event in LA, the agent, returning home from duty, faced a terrifying ordeal in a quiet neighborhood.

It was around 9:30 PM when a call came into the Tustin police, alerting them to the robbery. The agent, whose identity remains undisclosed, was targeted by assailants who stole his bag at gunpoint. Fortunately, the agent escaped physical harm, though not without firing his weapon in self-defense. The outcome of the gunfire remains unclear; authorities are unsure if the robbers were hit.


Anthony Guglielmi, speaking on behalf of the Secret Service, emphasized, “We’re relieved the agent came out unscathed.” Meanwhile, local police efforts to apprehend the suspects have so far proven fruitless, despite recovering some of the stolen items near the crime scene. Witnesses reported a silver Infiniti FX35 fleeing the area, adding to the mystery surrounding the perpetrators.

The incident casts a shadow over Biden’s high-profile fundraising event in LA, where celebrities like Julia Roberts, George Clooney, and Jimmy Kimmel rallied support, raising a staggering $30 million for the President’s re-election bid. While the stars shone brightly at the event, the darkness of criminal activity struck close to home for one dedicated agent.

As investigations continue, questions linger about safety and security, both for those who protect our leaders and for the communities they serve. The resilience of the agent underscores the challenges faced in safeguarding public figures amidst moments of vulnerability and risk.

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