Russian Warships Set to Make Waves in the Caribbean This Summer

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Russian Warships Set to Make Waves in the Caribbean This Summer


Russia’s Caribbean Plans

This summer, Russia is gearing up to send its combat ships into the Caribbean Sea as part of a series of naval exercises. These exercises might include stops at Cuban ports and perhaps even visits to Venezuela, a top US official revealed on Wednesday.

Heightened Activity Near the US

According to the official, Russia’s military drills are a regular thing. This year, they’re planning to ramp up their naval and air activities near the United States. The grand finale will be a massive global naval exercise in the fall. While the US doesn’t find the presence of a few Russian ships and planes threatening, the US Navy will keep a close watch on these exercises.


Rising Tensions

US-Russia relations have been pretty tense, especially since Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022. The official pointed out that Russia is stepping up its naval activities because the US has been supporting Ukraine. “Russia wants to show it can still project power around the world,” the official added.

Briefing the Lawmakers

On Thursday, US officials briefed lawmakers on Capitol Hill about these upcoming activities. They assured everyone that these deployments are part of routine naval operations and don’t pose a direct threat to the US.

Not a Cause for Alarm

“We expect Russia to send their combat ships to the Caribbean for a while, likely making port calls in Cuba and maybe even Venezuela,” the official stated. There might also be some Russian aircraft flying around the region. However, the Biden administration isn’t too worried. Russia had been sailing ships into the Western Hemisphere every year from 2013 to 2020.

A Strain on Russia’s Navy

Looking ahead, the official mentioned that we should anticipate more of these activities. However, these deployments come at a cost for the Russian navy, which is struggling with an aging fleet and the challenge of maintaining readiness.

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