Red, white and blue jeans: USA go with denim for Olympics uniforms

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Team USA’s Stylish Spin for Paris Olympics!


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Team USA’s Stylish Spin for Paris Olympics!

When Team USA takes the stage alongside athletes from around the globe at the Paris Olympics’ opening bash, they won’t be sporting your typical formal attire. Nope, they’ll be strutting in sharp, tailored navy blazers courtesy of Ralph Lauren – and believe it or not, blue jeans!

Yep, you read that right. Just your everyday denim blue jeans.


Ralph Lauren, in its ninth rendition of crafting parade looks for the American team, is pitching this combo as “unexpected” yet timeless.

David Lauren, the brains behind branding and innovation at the company (and yes, he’s the founder’s son), shrugged off any worries about the casual vibe of blue denim.

“We’re tight-knit with Team USA to ensure the athletes feel both dressed up and united as a team, yet comfy and unmistakably American,” he shared with the Associated Press.

“Nothing screams America like blue jeans, especially in Paris,” Lauren quipped. “It lets the athletes connect with the culture while staying true to themselves.”


The blazers, single-breasted in wool, flaunt red-and-white accents paired with a blue-and-white striped Oxford shirt and cream suede lace-up shoes. The jeans? Well, they’re tapered. And yes, there are blue neckties too. For the closing ceremony, it’s sharp white denim jeans matched with jackets in patriotic red, white, and blue.

The company gathered a few Olympic-bound athletes in Paris to flaunt the parade uniforms for the Summer Games kicking off next month.

Paralympic swimmer Jamal Hill praised the uniforms’ “unique modern flair,” while sailor Daniela Moroz, thrilled about her first Olympics, loved the racing-inspired details down to the shoes.

Lauren described the closing ceremony looks as “graphic, fun, and a tad more exciting.”

The company is also rolling out Team USA gear for sale on,, and stores in the US and France. The offerings include polo shirts made from 100% recycled cotton – a sustainability feat for Ralph Lauren’s Olympic lineup.

Proceeds from retail sales will support US athletes in their Olympic pursuits, although Lauren didn’t dive into specifics about the amounts.

Paralympic swimmer Jamal Hill, who nabbed a bronze in Tokyo and is back for Paris, believes the uniforms will resonate with younger generations for their modern flair.

Fencer Daryl Homer, on his fourth Olympic journey after an achilles injury, sees the blue denim touch as “modern and approachable,” especially for walking in Paris heat.

Kamren Larsen, a BMX racer from California heading to his first Olympics, applauds Ralph’s blend of sharp blazers with laid-back jeans, calling it a well-balanced look.

I tried to capture the essence of the original while infusing a more conversational and emotional tone with personal touch points from the athletes. Let me know what you think!

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