Peruvian President’s Family and Lawyer Caught in Major Corruption Scandal>

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Peruvian President’s Family and Lawyer Caught in Major Corruption Scandal


Hey everyone! So, there’s some major drama going on in Peru right now, and it’s all about their president, Dina Boluarte. It’s like something out of a TV show, but it’s all real! Let’s dive into what’s happening.

Family Drama Unfolds

Just recently, the Peruvian police detained Dina Boluarte’s brother, Nicanor, and her lawyer, Mateo Castañeda. This isn’t just some random arrest—it’s part of a big corruption investigation. Can you imagine your family and close advisors getting caught up in something like this? Crazy, right?

The “Rolexgate” Scandal

So, this whole thing started because of a scandal called “Rolexgate.” Apparently, Boluarte was seen wearing super expensive jewelry, including three Rolex watches worth around $500,000. But here’s the kicker—she only earns about $4,200 a month as president. That’s a huge gap!

Boluarte, who’s 61, said she doesn’t own those watches. She claimed they were loaned to her by Wilfredo Oscorima, the governor of Ayacucho. She even called him her “wayki,” which means “brother” in Quechua, a native language in Peru. But prosecutors are looking into whether she got those watches as bribes for favors. She denies any wrongdoing, but things look pretty sketchy.


Inner Circle Under Fire

Nicanor Boluarte, the president’s brother, doesn’t hold any official government position, but he’s accused of using his influence to build a new political party and demand bribes from regional government officials. The investigation is even called “Los waykis en la sombra,” which means “the brothers in the shadow.” Sounds like something from a spy novel, doesn’t it?

A Twist in the Investigation

Here’s where it gets even more interesting. Just before these raids happened, Peru’s interior minister, Walter Ortíz, ordered the shutdown of the police division that was supposed to carry out the operation. This same unit had raided President Boluarte’s home not too long ago, on Good Friday. Now, the prosecutor’s office is looking into whether Ortíz overstepped his boundaries by deactivating the unit.

Political Turmoil

Last month, Boluarte’s government suspended Harvey Colchado, the head of the elite police investigations unit, Diviac. Many believe this was retaliation for the raid on her home. Ortíz, however, denies any political interference in Colchado’s suspension. It’s a real mess!

Boluarte’s Popularity Hits Rock Bottom

It’s no surprise that Boluarte is not very popular right now. In fact, she’s the least popular leader in Latin America with just a 9% approval rating according to a poll by the Americas Society in January. Ouch.


Accusations and Protests

Boluarte is also accused of being responsible for the deaths of 49 people during protests after the ousting of her predecessor, Pedro Castillo, in December 2022. This has led to another investigation into her actions during those protests.

What’s Next?

With all this chaos, it’s hard to say what will happen next. Will Boluarte be able to clear her name, or will these investigations bring her down? Only time will tell.

But one thing’s for sure—Peru is going through some serious political drama, and it’s definitely something to keep an eye on!


Q: What is “Rolexgate”?
A: It’s a scandal involving President Boluarte allegedly wearing expensive Rolex watches worth around $500,000 despite her modest salary.

Q: Who is Nicanor Boluarte?
A: He is President Boluarte’s brother, accused of using his influence for corrupt activities.

Q: What happened with the police division involved in the raids?
A: The interior minister ordered the deactivation of the police unit that was supposed to carry out the raid, leading to more controversy.

Q: Why is Boluarte’s popularity so low?
A: She’s been involved in several scandals, including the deaths of 49 protesters, leading to a very low approval rating.

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