Oh, Canada review – Paul Schrader looks north as Richard Gere’s draft dodger reveals all

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Lost in Emotion: A Disappointing Dive into Schrader’s Latest


Paul Schrader’s newest flick is a real head-scratcher. It’s called “Foregone,” but it might as well be called “Forgettable.” Yeah, I said it. Based on a Russell Banks book, it reunites Schrader with Richard Gere, who, let’s face it, deserves better.

The plot sounds promising at first. We’ve got this draft-resister dude from the 60s, now a hotshot filmmaker in Canada. But the movie never quite finds its groove. Instead of hitting us with some emotional gut-punch, it’s like watching a slow-motion car crash.


We spend most of our time in this fancy Canadian mansion owned by Leonard Fife (that’s Gere), who’s battling cancer. There’s this film crew making a doc about him, led by Malcolm, played by Michael Imperioli. Leonard spills some beans about his shady past to his wife, Emma (played by Uma Thurman), who’s probably regretting marrying him at this point.

Leonard’s got secrets, alright. Two wives, two kids back in the States, and a fake gay identity to dodge the draft. Real smooth move, buddy. But instead of digging into the juicy stuff, the movie just tiptoes around it like it’s afraid to get messy.


We get flashbacks, we get hints, but nothing really lands. Leonard’s past is like a foggy mirror – you can kinda see something there, but it’s not clear enough to make out. And don’t get me started on Malcolm. He starts off all buddy-buddy with Leonard but ends up pulling a slimy move to get dirt on him. Classic.

But here’s the kicker: none of it feels important. Leonard’s lies, Malcolm’s betrayal – it’s all just there, hanging in the air, with no real impact. And that’s the biggest letdown of all. You’re left wondering why you bothered in the first place.

So yeah, “Foregone” might have Schrader’s name on it, but it’s far from his best work. Save your popcorn money for something with a bit more bite. Trust me, you won’t miss much.

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