New Haiti PM named but powerful gangs demand seat at the table

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Haiti’s New Prime Minister: A Surprising Choice


In the ongoing chaos of Haiti’s quest for a stable government, the transitional council has made a curious selection for prime minister. Fritz Bélizaire, a figure little known to many, steps into this crucial role, replacing Michel Patrick Boisvert. This decision, met with raised eyebrows and murmurs of uncertainty, marks another twist in the country’s tumultuous journey towards stability.

The council, comprising nine members, with seven holding voting rights, has the weighty task of forming a new government amidst rampant violence. Gangs hold sway over much of Port-au-Prince, driving thousands from their homes and instilling fear in the hearts of residents.


However, amidst this turmoil, voices from the shadows demand recognition. Vitel’homme Innocent, leader of the Kraze Barye gang, urges the council to heed their grievances and seek swift solutions. Their influence, echoed by the likes of Jimmy Cherizier, known as “Barbeque”, looms large over the city.

Yet, as the council deliberates behind closed doors, uncertainty hangs heavy in the air. Leslie Voltaire, one of the decision-makers, openly admits his lack of familiarity with Bélizaire, reflecting the disjointed nature of Haiti’s political landscape.

Bélizaire’s background as a former sports minister under René Préval’s presidency adds a layer of intrigue to his appointment. However, doubts persist among the populace, divided over whether a transitional government can truly bring about the calm the nation so desperately craves.

Meanwhile, Haiti reels from the aftermath of coordinated gang attacks, with institutions crumbling and basic services paralyzed. The future remains uncertain, with the specter of violence looming large over the country’s aspirations for peace.

As the transitional council grapples with its mandate, the eyes of the nation remain fixed on the path ahead. Will Bélizaire’s leadership steer Haiti towards stability, or will the shadows of violence continue to cast a long shadow over the nation’s future? Only time will tell.

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