Best answer: How did the hairy bikers lose weight?

‘ Both men began making changes to their diet and upping their exercise routines, leading to an overall weight loss of around three and a half stone apiece. ‘It’s never too late to do something about it, you just need very small incremental steps, such as walking 500 yards more every day,’ Si explained.

Why did the hairy bikers go on a diet?

“They’re kind of indivisible,” King says of how the biker and diet projects work together. “We’re two middle-aged men with a weight problem, so we kind of have to take the rough with the smooth.” What prompted them to take the diet route? “We were morbidly obese,” Myers says candidly.

What illness did one of the Hairy Bikers have?

The TV chef’s marriage broke down after he suffered a medical emergency. The Hairy Bikers’ Si King almost lost his life after suffering a terrifying brain aneurysm.

Has Dave Myers lost weight?

He has achieved an impressive weight loss in the past year. Dave went from 19 stone to less than 15 stone in the past 12 months, he told The Mirror in June. This is an incredible weight loss of over four stone from Dave’s 6ft tall frame.

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Do Hairy Bikers put weight back on?

The pair have recently gone on diets again after bulking up while filming their Route 66 TV show, which saw them embark on a 2,000-mile journey along the famous American road. “That is what we do now,” Si told Mail Online this week. “We get on the scales and encourage other middle-aged fat blokes to do the same.

When did the hairy bikers lose their weight?

Then, in August 2012, all hell broke loose. After one too many mud pies in Mississippi Adventure they returned in Hairy Dieters: How to Love Food and Lose Weight.

Is Si King still married?

Yes, the Hairy Bikers have both been married. Dave Myers is still married to second wife Liliana Orzac, whilst Si King is divorced and recently split from his Australian fiancée.

What illness did Dave Myers have?

It led to his decision to go and get checked out at the hospital, and he is lucky he did. He was told he had a brain aneurysm and if he’d not gone to hospital would likely “be dead”. “It’s an incredibly scary thing. More people die from this type of thing than survive,” Si previously said.

Who is the Hairy Bikers married to?

Myers was 17st 10lb at his heaviest and slimmed to 14st 2lb, King went from 19st 8lb to 14st 8lb. Both have put on a bit of weight recently, after bulking up while driving Route 66 in America for their most recent TV show. So they are on diets again. ‘That is what we do now,’ says King.

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Is Si from Hairy Bikers ill?

Hairy Bikers star Si King missed a TV appearance on BBC One’s Morning Live today (17 December) because he has coronavirus. The diagnosis was revealed by his fellow Hairy Biker, Dave Myers, who appeared on the show on his own. Host Gethin Jones greeted him, saying: “It’s lovely to see you, Dave.

Who is Dave Myers married to?

Si lives near Newcastle and has three children.