Missing surfers died from gunshots after attempted robbery, Mexican officials say

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Tragedy Strikes: Australian Surfers Found Dead in Mexico


Heartbreaking news emerged from Mexico as authorities confirmed the identities of the three lifeless bodies discovered in a desolate well. Among them were the adventurous Australian brothers, Callum and Jake Robinson, along with their companion, Jack Carter Rhoad.

The trio, known for their vibrant spirits, had embarked on a surfing escapade along the Pacific coast of Baja California. However, their journey was brutally cut short by fatal gunshots to their heads, a grim revelation announced by Mexican authorities on a somber Sunday.

Families of the victims, grief-stricken yet determined, positively identified their loved ones, sparing no need for elaborate DNA tests, as stated by the attorney general’s office.


María Elena Andrade Ramírez, a figure of authority deeply moved by the tragedy, vowed relentless pursuit of justice, ensuring that those responsible faced the full wrath of the law.

Lost in the waves of sorrow were the Robinson brothers, hailing from Perth, Australia. Jake had ventured to San Diego, California, to reunite with his brother Callum for an anticipated surfing expedition. Accompanying them was their American friend, Jack Carter Rhoad, a fellow enthusiast residing in San Diego. Their absence was noted when they failed to arrive at their planned destination in Rosarito, Mexico, last weekend.

The grim discovery unfolded in a remote well, its depths shrouded in mystery, located approximately 6 kilometers from the campsite where the trio’s dreams were cruelly shattered.


Preliminary investigations hinted at a harrowing narrative—a violent encounter orchestrated by individuals driven by greed, craving the wheels of the travelers’ vehicle, perhaps desiring the tires more than anything else.

“The assailants, driven by their sinister motives, descended upon the campsite, their eyes set on seizing the vehicle and salvaging its parts,” remarked Andrade Ramírez, her voice laden with the weight of sorrow. “However, what ensued was a tragic skirmish, culminating in the untimely demise of these unsuspecting souls.”

The assailants, consumed by panic and desperation, callously disposed of the bodies, concealing their heinous act beneath layers of deceit and destruction.


Speculations swirled, echoing the sentiments of a grieving community, yet Andrade Ramírez remained steadfast in her resolve, refraining from conjectures and affirming the ongoing pursuit of truth and justice.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, a poignant tribute unfolded—a gathering of mourners and surfers converging in a solemn vigil, paying homage to lives lost too soon. Emotions ran high, mingling with the salty breeze, as tears mingled with the ocean’s embrace.

Ensenada, once a haven of tranquility, now echoed with cries of anguish and solidarity, as voices united in condemnation of senseless violence.

Amidst the somber reflections, a poignant message emerged, etched upon makeshift memorials and surfboards—a plea for safer shores, echoing the collective yearning for peace and security.

In the wake of tragedy, solidarity bridged borders, transcending nationality and creed. Surfers, strangers no more, stood shoulder to shoulder, united by a shared passion and a shared sorrow.

As flowers adorned surfboards, casting a solemn hue upon the waves, a poignant reminder echoed—the ocean, a sanctuary for souls seeking solace, now bore witness to a heart-wrenching farewell.

Amidst the pain and loss, hope flickered—a beacon of resilience amidst the darkness, as communities vowed to honor the memories of those lost, ensuring their spirits lived on in the waves they so dearly loved.

In the midst of grief, the resilient spirit of humanity prevailed, offering solace in the face of adversity, and reminding us that even in the darkest of times, love and unity shall prevail.

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