Le Crookie: after the cronut and the cruffin, latest croissant hybrid takes Paris by storm

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The Rise of Cross-Bred Pastries: From Cronuts to Crookies


It all started on a soggy February 3rd outside Boulangerie Louvard in Paris. Despite the rain pouring down like it was auditioning for a role in a disaster movie, savvy teens congregated outside the cozy family bakery in the 9th arrondissement, all for one thing: le crookie, the brainchild of owner Stéphane Louvard.

What’s a crookie, you ask? Well, imagine this: a crispy croissant stuffed with American-style cookie dough, baked just right to achieve that perfect soft, gooey center. It’s a true TikTok sensation, with a video of this pastry mashup going viral faster than you can say “oui.”

A decade after Dominique Ansel wowed the world with his cronut creation in New York, the crookie has now taken the pastry world by storm. Louvard himself admits to being caught off guard by the craze. “We were shook,” he says, “had to bring in two extra pairs of hands just to keep up. Stress levels were through the roof, let me tell you.”

Now, bakeries all over Paris are hopping on the crookie bandwagon. Even Houssine Bouchama from Time Out Paris confirms it, noting that even his local joint is dishing out these trendy treats. And it’s not just Paris – from Singapore to Toronto, everyone’s trying to put their own spin on the crookie craze.


But this isn’t the first time a pastry hybrid has caused such a stir. Remember the cronut? When Ansel dropped that bomb in New York back in 2013, people went bonkers. They sold out faster than you can say “pastry paradise,” sparking a black market frenzy on Craigslist. And when it finally made its way across the pond to London in 2016, you bet your butter Londoners lined up around the block to sink their teeth into that flaky goodness.

Then came the cruffin, a muffin-croissant lovechild that rocked San Francisco’s Mr. Holmes Bakehouse so hard, someone allegedly tried to swipe the recipe. And let’s not forget the croloaf, a croissant loaf courtesy of M&S, or the tacros and cretzels, proving that when it comes to pastries, the possibilities are endless.

But why are these pastry hybrids such a hit? According to Meg Palmer from Verve, it’s all about giving ourselves permission to indulge. Plus, pastries are pure eye candy for platforms like TikTok. Just think about it: the crunch, the ooze, the sheer sensory overload – it’s a pastry lover’s paradise.

And it’s not just about the pastries. It’s about the hustle of small businesses trying to make a name for themselves in the wild world of social media. As Bouchama puts it, there’s a definite American vibe creeping into French patisseries, all in the name of reaching that international audience on TikTok.

London’s Bakery Philippe Conticini knows this struggle all too well. They had to switch up their game plan and ride the trend wave to survive. “It’s all about staying ahead of the curve,” says Ludovic Carassi Del Villar, operations manager. And with their new crookie causing a stir, it looks like they’re onto something.

But Parisians are already looking for the next big thing, says Bouchama. “Some bakeries are dabbling in pain au chocolat-brownie hybrids,” he reveals. Looks like the pastry game is just getting started.

So, whether you’re Team Crookie or holding out for the next big pastry sensation, one thing’s for sure: the world of pastries will never be the same again.

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