Journey to Hope: Lilian’s Story of Courage

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Journey to Hope: Lilian’s Story of Courage


Imagine setting off on a 3,000-mile journey with your kids, leaving everything behind. That’s exactly what Lilian, a single mom from Guatemala, did with her four children. Their incredible journey is the heart of Danilo do Carmo and Jakob Krese’s powerful documentary.

A Startling Beginning

The film kicks off with a shocking scene: dozens of migrants packed together under flimsy tents on the roadside. Among them is Lilian, one of many facing the same struggle. She’s running away from an abusive partner, dreaming of a safe haven in the US for herself and her children.


Endless Hardships

Lilian’s journey is nothing short of grueling. Imagine being crammed into the back of a caravan or walking for miles under the blazing sun until your feet bleed. That’s their reality. With little help from the government, it’s the bond between the migrants that stands out. Many of them, like Lilian, are women escaping violence and poverty. The documentary shows that a lot of those seeking asylum are the most vulnerable: women and children.

Small Moments of Connection

The film doesn’t pry into Lilian’s life too much, which makes it feel more respectful. There are some tense moments when Lilian gets phone calls that hint at more trouble from men in her past, but the filmmakers don’t push her to share more than she’s comfortable with.

A Personal Yet Limited View

The close-up look at Lilian’s story is touching and real, but sometimes it feels like the bigger picture is missing. Understanding the broader issues at play could add more depth to her story and highlight the reasons behind such dangerous journeys.

A Glimpse into the Migrants’ World

Through Lilian’s eyes, we see the harsh realities and tiny victories of migrants. It’s a story of bravery, endurance, and the hope for a better life, shedding light on the human side of the Central American migration crisis.

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