#### Jeans, Censorship, and Fashion Faux Pas: The Titchmarsh Tale

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In Defense of Alan Titchmarsh’s Jeans

I gotta say, when it comes to Alan Titchmarsh’s jeans, I’m totally vibing with North Korea’s vibe (Alan Titchmarsh’s jeans blurred by North Korean TV censors, 26 March). It ain’t about some deep-seated hatred for US imperialism or whatever they think those jeans represent. Nah, it’s about the travesty that is skinny jeans, one of the dumbest fashion choices ever made by mankind. (And let’s not even get started on those ripped jeans Titchmarsh seems to be sporting in that photo with Charlie Dimmock in the print edition.)


Roger’s Rant from Preston, Dorset

Yo, North Korean censors, listen up. You might think jeans scream ‘Murica, but guess what? They’re probably made in China, the big cheese of jeans production, and last time I checked, they’re not exactly BFFs with Uncle Sam.


John’s Two Cents from St Albans, Hertfordshire

North Korean censors might see jeans as symbols of US imperialism, but they should’ve known they’re more likely made by China, the biggest jeans maker and the USA’s bestie. So, maybe chill with the censorship, yeah?

#### Jeans, Censorship, and Fashion Faux Pas: The Titchmarsh Tale

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