Javier Milei’s Big Tech Adventure

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Javier Milei’s Big Tech Adventure


Hey there! Have you heard about Javier Milei, the president of Argentina? This week, he’s on a pretty wild adventure in Silicon Valley, meeting some of the biggest names in tech. Imagine chatting with Sundar Pichai from Google, Sam Altman from OpenAI, Mark Zuckerberg from Meta, and Tim Cook from Apple – that’s exactly what Milei is up to!

Milei’s High-Profile Tech Talks

Just last month, Milei had a meeting with none other than Elon Musk. Yeah, the Tesla and SpaceX guy! Elon seems to be a big fan of Milei’s ideas about deregulation and anti-social justice. They’ve been bonding over these topics on X (which used to be Twitter). And it doesn’t stop there. Peter Thiel, another tech billionaire, has flown to Buenos Aires twice this year to meet with Milei. Seems like Milei’s making some powerful friends in the tech world.


Milei’s Global Influence Campaign

These meetings are part of Milei’s grand plan to build international influence and allies since his election late last year. He’s been busy, not just in Silicon Valley but also attending events at libertarian think tanks and speaking with CEOs. Earlier this month, he even rallied in Spain to support the far-right, anti-immigrant Vox party.

Argentina’s Economic Woes and Milei’s Diplomatic Tour

Back home in Argentina, things aren’t looking so good. The country is in the midst of its worst economic crisis in decades, and people are protesting against the government’s tough austerity measures. But Milei has been on an international diplomacy spree. In his first six months as president, he’s visited the US four times and gone on eight foreign tours – a record for any Argentinian president starting out.

The Eccentric Rise of Milei

Milei’s rise to power is something out of a movie. He was a political outsider who won the election last November with his wild, over-the-top behavior and promises to slash government ministries. He’s known for saying outrageous things, like calling Pope Francis a “son of a bitch preaching communism” and bragging about his cloned dogs named after conservative economists. His extreme views on abortion, gender equality, and Argentina’s military history have won him fans on the global right but have alarmed human rights groups.

Musk and Milei: A Powerful Duo

One of Milei’s biggest fans is Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who’s been cozying up to right-wing leaders around the world. Musk is interested in Argentina’s huge lithium deposits, essential for making modern batteries. Milei’s all for deregulation to make it cheaper for mining companies. After their meeting in April, the Argentinian government said they both agreed on the need for free markets and defending the ideas of freedom.

The Rock Star President

Before heading to Silicon Valley, Milei threw a massive book release party in Buenos Aires. It was a wild show with live rock music and Milei himself singing. He blamed Argentina’s economic mess on “enemies who are trying to overturn this government because they want socialism and misery to continue.”

Tech Companies and Political Neutrality

It’s funny because big tech companies like Google and Facebook used to push their platforms as democracy boosters. But now, they’re trying to stay out of politics. Google even fired dozens of employees after protests over a big contract with Israel’s government and military. Sundar Pichai said the company wasn’t the place for political battles.

So, that’s the scoop on Javier Milei’s latest escapades. It’s fascinating to see how a leader from Argentina is making waves in the tech world and beyond. What do you think about Milei’s approach? Do you think his meetings with tech giants will make a difference for Argentina?

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