Is It the End for Skinny Jeans? Spoiler: Yeah, Kinda!

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Is It the End for Skinny Jeans? Spoiler: Yeah, Kinda!



Let’s kick things off with the burning question everyone’s asking: Are skinny jeans dead? It’s the denim debate of the moment, and I know you’re itching for an answer. So, let’s dive in. Are you comfy?


Yep. That’s the short answer. Skinny jeans are definitely over. OK, thanks. Bye now.


Just kidding! There’s nothing inherently wrong with skinny jeans. If you love them, rock them! Go ahead and wear a bowler hat or a gown with a bustle if that’s your vibe. Fashion is all about personal expression. But are skinny jeans still the “it” trend? Nope, they’re not. But that’s no big tragedy. They’ve had a solid run since the early 2000s. A good couple of decades is pretty impressive for any fashion trend.


Why We Care So Much

What’s interesting is how much we care about the demise of skinny jeans. It’s like finding that perfect pair of jeans is a big deal. We’re emotionally attached to our favorite jeans, which is why we freak out when fashion trends shift. Finding the right pair of jeans feels like finding the perfect lipstick – it makes you feel on top of the world. The right jeans, like the perfect lipstick, are a fashion must-have.


Picking Your Perfect Style

Remember when skinny jeans were the only option? Life was simpler then. If they didn’t suit you, you were stuck. Now, there are so many styles it can be overwhelming. From horseshoe to carrot jeans, the choices are endless. But this is good news! You have the freedom to find the style that works for you.


Do You Want to Be “Fashionable”?

Here’s a question: how much fashion do you want your jeans to scream? If you want to be super trendy, horseshoe jeans are your go-to. These are the barrel-shaped jeans you see in store windows right now. But do you really want to be the person everyone labels as “fashionable”? Personally, I prefer to be seen as stylish, interesting, or even just a “normal person” rather than a “fashionista.” Sometimes less is more when it comes to fashion energy.


Knowing Your Terms

To find your perfect jeans, you need to understand the terms. The “rise” is the measurement from the crotch to the top button. High-rise jeans reach your belly button, low-rise jeans sit just above your hips, and medium-rise are somewhere in between. Wide-leg jeans are, well, wide. Flares get wider from the knee down. Bootcut jeans are slim until below the knee, then flare out slightly. A kick-flare is a cropped bootcut that ends at the ankle. “Carrot” jeans are roomy at the hips and thighs but taper down to the ankle. Horseshoe jeans are similar but don’t narrow as much at the ankle.


Finding Your Size

Jeans sizes are based on waist measurements, so a size 28 fits a 28-inch waist, roughly a UK size 10. But body shapes vary. A smaller size might fit for low-rise jeans but be too tight in high-rise ones. Measure your waist and hips for the best fit. Note your numbers, whether you’re shopping online or in-store.


Online retailers are getting better at providing detailed measurements, so check the “more details” sections. In stores, carry a tape measure. Measure jeans on the floor before heading to the changing room. Some brands, like M&S, use traditional womenswear sizing, making it easier to find your size.


Fabric Matters

Don’t buy the smallest size you can squeeze into. Most fabrics don’t look great when they’re skintight. Jeans are an exception. For jeans, 12-13oz denim holds its shape without being too stiff. This is the weight of classic jeans, like Levi’s 501s. They have enough give to soften up where needed but stay structured enough to hold a silhouette.

If you have a small waist and bigger hips, traditional denim might leave a gap at the back. Look for jeans with a little stretch. Good American, available at John Lewis, offers classic denim with enough stretch to fit curves comfortably.

Shopping for Vintage Jeans

For vintage jeans, Levi’s 501s are the way to go. They’re classic for a reason. They make your butt look good and work with any shoe. The shape has changed over the years, so try on a couple of pairs if you can. Don’t worry about leg length. If they’re already worn-in, just cut them to length with scissors and rough up the edges with a nail file. No tailor needed!

Sustainable Jeans Shopping

Sustainability in denim is tricky, but everyone agrees: buy only what you need and consider preloved or upcycled options. ELV Denim in London makes new jeans from old ones, creating unique, spliced designs. For new jeans, look for regeneratively farmed cotton. Brands like Citizens of Humanity and Reformation offer stylish, sustainable options.

MUD jeans from Denmark are made from 40% post-consumer denim. You can lease a pair for about £8 a month and return or swap them after a year. If you buy high-street denim, avoid light washes, which use more water. Dark washes are a safer bet.

Washing Your Jeans

Not as often as you think. Hardline denim fans suggest wearing jeans 10 times before washing to let them mold to you. I aim for at least three wears. Wash them inside out to preserve the color and hang them to dry. It’s better for the environment and your jeans. Dryers can shorten the life of your clothes, so skip the tumble dry.

Final Thoughts

So, skinny jeans might be out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them if you love them. Fashion is about expressing yourself and feeling good. Explore different styles and find what makes you feel amazing. Whether it’s the latest trend or a timeless classic, the right pair of jeans is out there waiting for you. Happy shopping!

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