‘High degree of probability’ bodies found in northern Mexico are missing Perth brothers

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Tragic Surfing Trip Turns Deadly in Mexico

Three people have been arrested after three bodies were discovered in northern Mexico, where two Australian brothers and their American friend went missing.


Surfing Adventure Gone Wrong

Callum and Jake Robinson, siblings from Perth in their 30s, were on a surfing trip with their American friend, Jack Carter Rhoad. The trio vanished after failing to check into their scheduled accommodation near Ensenada last weekend.

Grim Discovery

Authorities believe the bodies found are likely those of the missing surfers. Maria Elena Andrade, the state’s attorney general, indicated that the characteristics of the bodies matched those of Rhoad and the Robinson brothers. The preliminary theory is that the surfers were targeted in an attempted carjacking, resisted, and were then shot and dumped in a well.

Finding the Evidence

Late Friday, officials confirmed three bodies were found in a remote area of the Ensenada region. The bodies haven’t been formally identified yet, but a burnt-out vehicle matching the one driven by the men was found nearby, leading to an intense search.

Family and Friends’ Agony

The Robinson brothers’ last known contact was last Saturday. They planned to camp by the beach and then stay at an Airbnb in Rosarito, but they never arrived. Callum didn’t show up for work in San Diego, causing concern. Friends and family took to social media, describing the brothers’ lack of communication as out of character.


Debra and Martin Robinson, the brothers’ parents, said they were heading to the US/Mexico border to be closer to where the men were last seen. “Callum and Jake are beautiful human beings. We love them so much and this breaks our heart. Our only comfort right now is that they were together doing something they passionately loved.”

The Arrests

Three Mexican nationals, including a woman and two men, have been arrested. The woman, found with a grey iPhone and some drugs, was detained in Maneadero, about 8km south of Ensenada. The arrests are on charges equivalent to kidnapping, with potential for more charges as the investigation unfolds.

Community Shock and Rally

Antonio Otañez, president of the Baja California Surf Association, expressed the surfer community’s shock. “Everyone is in shock. We can’t believe it.” A rally is planned to show solidarity and demand security for surfers.

The Dangerous Roads

Otañez noted the road to Punta San Jose is particularly isolated, describing it as an hour-long drive on a dirt track with no signal or electricity. Despite its beauty and perfect waves, it’s easy to get lost there.

Governor’s Commitment

Marina Del Pilar, the governor of Baja California, vowed to find the missing men and bring peace back to the region. “We will not rest until we find the location of Jack Carter [Rhoad], Jake, and Callum Robinson.”

International Support

Australia’s department of foreign affairs and trade and the US state department are involved, providing support and monitoring the situation closely. Both governments have warned travelers about the violent crime threat in Baja California.

Ongoing Violence in Mexico

Violence has been rampant in Mexico since the 2006 “war on drugs,” with 2023 seeing over 30,000 homicides. Sadly, the Robinson brothers’ case isn’t the first tragedy involving Australian surfers in Mexico, recalling the 2015 murders of Adam Coleman and Dean Lucas in the neighboring Sinaloa region.

Looking for Answers

As the investigation continues, all possibilities are being considered. The hope is that justice will be served and peace restored to the grieving families.

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