Haiti gang kills US politician’s missionary daughter and her husband

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Heartbreaking Tragedy in Haiti: A Mission Gone Terribly Wrong

Ben Baker, a Republican politician from Missouri, shared some absolutely heartbreaking news on Facebook. His daughter, Natalie Lloyd, and her husband, Davy, were among three Christian missionaries killed by gang members in Haiti. This terrible incident comes right as a much-anticipated multinational security force, meant to help Haiti, has faced delays.


“My heart is shattered,” wrote Baker. “I’ve never felt this kind of pain.” Natalie and Davy were Christian missionaries dedicated to helping the people of Haiti. Sadly, they were ambushed and killed by gang members. Missions in Haiti Inc., their group, said the couple and another member named Jude were leaving church when they were attacked by a gang in three trucks.

The White House also expressed their sorrow. “Our hearts go out to the families of those killed as they experience unimaginable grief,” said a spokesperson from the national security council.

Just hours before this tragic news, President Joe Biden spoke about Haiti’s security crisis. He was optimistic that the crisis could be addressed soon with a 2,500-strong Kenya-led multinational policing force. “We’re not talking about a thousand-person army that is made up of trained personnel,” Biden said, referring to the Haitian gangs. “This is a crisis that is able to be dealt with.”

Kenya’s President, William Ruto, was supposed to visit the US and speak alongside Biden. He was confident that the US-backed mission could “break the back of the gangs and the criminals that have brought untold suffering to Haiti.” However, the Kenyan officers, who were supposed to spearhead the mission, faced delays.

No clear reason was given for the postponement. Some say it might be because of security concerns. Giving the heavily armed gangs a heads-up might have allowed them to prepare for attacks on the incoming forces.

Diego Da Rin, a Haiti specialist, said the multinational force would have a massive task. With around 5,000 gang members controlling more than 80% of the capital, Port-au-Prince, the challenge is immense. The gangs have grown their armies and arsenals, establishing strongholds in areas police haven’t accessed for years.

Recently, armed groups have ramped up their attacks, demolishing at least four police stations. This seems to be a strong message to the incoming forces: “Don’t come here, because if you do, you will be treated as invaders and enemies,” said Da Rin.


Dealing with Delays

So, why the hold-up with the Kenyan forces? It seems there’s a mix of confusion and concern. Some sources say the officers were told to stay on standby without explanation. Others suggest that the conditions in Port-au-Prince weren’t ready to receive the officers. There’s also worry about security—giving gangs a heads-up might allow them to launch surprise attacks on incoming planes.

This mission, if and when it arrives, faces a tough battle. The gangs in Haiti have never controlled so much territory. They’ve expanded their armies and arsenals, making it a real challenge for any force coming in.

The Heart of the Crisis

The situation in Haiti has been spiraling since February after a coordinated gang insurrection. This has plunged the country into chaos and forced out the previous prime minister, Ariel Henry. The gangs are heavily armed, making it difficult for the police to regain control.

Despite the challenges, there’s a glimmer of hope. The multinational force, if successfully deployed, could help stabilize the region. But for now, the delay adds to the uncertainty and fear gripping Haiti.

Personal Reflection

Reading about this tragedy, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of sadness. Imagine the pain Ben Baker must be feeling. Losing a child is unimaginable. Natalie and Davy went to Haiti to help and ended up losing their lives. It’s a stark reminder of the risks many missionaries take to help others.

As we follow this story, let’s keep the families of the victims in our thoughts. They’re going through unimaginable grief. And let’s hope that the multinational force can bring some stability and peace to Haiti, a country that desperately needs it.

The Road Ahead

The coming days are critical. The arrival of the Kenyan forces, if it happens, will be a major step. But the task ahead is daunting. Subduing the gangs and bringing peace to Haiti won’t be easy.

Let’s stay hopeful. For the sake of the people in Haiti and in memory of those like Natalie and Davy who gave their lives trying to make a difference.


What happened in Haiti recently?
Three Christian missionaries, including the daughter and son-in-law of a US politician, were killed by gang members in Haiti.

Who were the victims?
Natalie Lloyd and her husband Davy, along with another missionary named Jude.

What is the multinational force?
A 2,500-strong Kenya-led multinational policing force meant to address the security crisis in Haiti.

Why was the force delayed?
There’s confusion over the delay, with some sources citing security concerns and others suggesting logistical issues.

What’s the current situation in Haiti?
The gangs control more than 80% of the capital, making it a challenging environment for any incoming force.

Is there hope for Haiti?
Yes, if the multinational force can be successfully deployed, there’s hope for stabilizing the region.

Closing Thoughts

Let’s remember the bravery of those like Natalie and Davy. Their story is a poignant reminder of the sacrifices many make to help others. As Haiti faces this crisis, our thoughts are with those affected. Let’s hope for peace and stability in the near future.

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