Goodbye Sambas, Hello New Kicks: Finding Your Next Favorite Shoes

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Goodbye Sambas, Hello New Kicks: Finding Your Next Favorite Shoes



So, the Adidas Samba trainer is kinda out of style this week. Yeah, it’s all because our prime minister, Rishi Sunak, was spotted wearing them. It’s funny how people can ditch a shoe just because a politician wore it, instead of focusing on the long-time issues like how workers in Adidas’ supply chain are treated. But anyway, now everyone’s online looking for their next cool pair of kicks.


The Guardian, you know, that independent news outlet, mentioned that they could earn a commission if you buy through their links. Interesting, huh?


Sunak’s Apology and Samba’s Market Surge

Sunak said he’s really sorry, and yet, the Samba is still hot on online marketplaces like StockX. The special adidas x Wales Bonner Samba is even being sold at crazy high prices – like 327% more than usual! But for a lot of folks, the shoe’s reputation is kinda damaged now.


But hey, nobody’s telling you to throw away your perfectly good Sambas just because of Sunak. If you’re thinking of moving on, there are plenty of other options out there.


Why People Loved the Samba

One big reason people liked the Samba was its sleek look. Tom Barker, the style editor at Highsnobiety (a site sneakerheads love), says we’re moving away from those chunky dad sneakers. Now, we want something thinner and sleeker.


If you want to stick with Adidas, there are other sleek models like the Gazelle. The only thing is, to an untrained eye, they might look a lot like Sunak’s Sambas.


Stan Smith: The Sustainable Choice

The Stan Smith is a great choice if you’re into sustainability. Lots of people already have them in their closets. Designer Phoebe Philo made them super popular when she wore them during her fashion shows at Céline. They have that same sleek style and look good under pants. But since fashion trends cycle every 20 years, it might be a bit early for a big Stan Smith comeback.


The Next Big Thing: Bode x Nike Collaboration

Fashion insiders are excited about the new collaboration between New York brand Bode and Nike. They’ve come up with a fresh take on the old Astro Grabber style. Even though it’s not out yet, model Kaia Gerber has been seen wearing them. Barker says they’re another example of those really thin sneakers. Nike is trying to meet the demand for sleeker shoes.


Other Hot Brands

Drew Haines from StockX says Asics has been really popular lately. He also mentions Onitsuka, a sub-brand of Asics, and specifically the Tiger Mexico 66. Uma Thurman wore them in Kill Bill, but Barker thinks the yellow ones might be getting a bit too common now. Thankfully, they come in other colors.


If you’re more into the rugged, outdoor look (think gorpcore), Salomon trainers are a hit in fashion circles. Rihanna even wore a red pair during her Super Bowl performance. They’re a bit bulkier but still cool.


Loafers and Other Shoe Options

Sneakers are great, but there are other shoes worth considering. Katie Abel from Footwear News says people want versatile shoes that can go from day to night. Loafers are gaining popularity. They’re sturdy, practical, and keep your feet dry. Then there’s the deck shoe, which is getting trendy too. Ecco, a brand loved by Larry David, is buzzing thanks to a new designer collab.


Trendy Flats: Mary Janes and Ballet Pumps

Mary Janes and ballet pumps are having a moment too. Designer Phoebe Philo’s new label has released some, and while they’re pricey, it’s more about her tastemaker status. They might not support your arches like trainers, but they’re slim and stylish.


Comfort Shoes: Uggs, Birkenstocks, and Crocs

Haines also points out that Uggs, Birkenstocks, and Crocs are getting more popular. They’re not exactly like Sambas, but they’re super comfy, which has been a big deal since the pandemic.

New Shoe Ideas

If you’re ready to move on from Sambas, here are some ideas:


Try another slim Adidas trainer like the Gazelle, Spezial, Country, or SL 72. Or go for something different like Onitsuka’s Tiger Mexico 66. Check out sites like Depop and Vinted for secondhand pairs.


Look for a fresh color of an old favorite. Secondhand sites are full of options. Or try Simone Rocha’s bejeweled Crocs collab for something fancy.


From M&S to Gucci, there’s a loafer for everyone. Pair them with bright socks and keep some band-aids handy until they’re broken in. They might not be as comfy as trainers but they’re stylish. Ebay has lots of secondhand options.

Ballet Flats and Mary Janes

Mesh flats are trendy, especially from brands like Alaia and The Row. If you’re worried about durability, Cos and Repetto offer sturdier options. Toe cleavage is in!

Deck Shoes

The boat shoe is back. Sebago is a classic choice, but John Lewis has lots of brands that give you that New England vibe without the high price.

So, if you’re stepping away from Sambas, there are tons of cool new shoes to try. Happy shoe shopping!

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