Fresh Faces in Fashion: Meet the Future of Australian Style

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Fresh Faces in Fashion: Meet the Future of Australian Style



You won’t believe the buzz at the Fashion Design Studio (FDS) graduate runway show in New South Wales! Picture this: editors, stylists, influencers, and even parents and friends all gathered to watch the future stars of Australian fashion. It’s a big deal, happening at the Australian Fashion Week, and even some famous FDS alumni like Akira Isogawa, Bianca Spender, and Nicky Zimmermann were there.


The Innovators: A 25-Year Tradition

This event, known as “the Innovators,” has been showcasing new talent since 1998. It’s a stage where Australia’s most successful designers first shine. This year, four graduates – Samara Darling, Sara Marta, Renee Henderson, and Isabella Hoyle Davies – each presented 12 stunning looks. Think voluminous sleeves, sheer dresses, bubble skirts, tassels, and layers upon layers of tulle. It was a visual feast!


Celebrating 25 Years with Alumni

To mark the 25th anniversary, the show featured designs by famous FDS alumni like Christopher Esber, Dion Lee, Romance Was Born, and Karla Spetic. This was a heartwarming reminder of the incredible talent that’s emerged from FDS over the years.


Voices of Tomorrow

Natalie Xenita, the managing director of Australian Fashion Week, emphasized the importance of this event, saying it’s an opportunity to “engage with the voices and visions of the luminaries shaping tomorrow’s design, style, and aesthetic.” Nathan McGuire, founder of Mob in Fashion, also praised the fresh perspectives and unique styles of the students.


Spotlight on the Graduates

Samara Darling, Sydney

Label: Who Am U


Samara Darling isn’t just a designer; she’s a musician too. She created her collection while composing music, collaborating with other musicians on a track. Her designs – white, black, grey, and pastel garments – were sculptural yet soft, with wide-legged pants and sheer organza blouses. Darling’s eco-conscious approach uses remnant fabrics and bio-based materials from algae. “I want Who Am U to explore fashion’s connection to who we are,” she says.


Sara Marta, Sydney

Label: Marta Design


Sara Marta is all about the artistry of fashion. Growing up, she was inspired by Dior atelier videos on YouTube. Her collection featured intricate beadwork and embroidery, created in collaboration with artisans in India. Marta’s designs, like a sheer pink slip dress and an embroidered organza top, are a testament to her love for craft. After graduating, she plans to move to London to gain more experience but dreams of returning to Australia to build her brand.


Isabella Hoyle Davies, Sydney/Orange

Label: Bella Davies


Isabella Hoyle Davies’ collection, titled “Keep Space,” explores personal space and using clothing as a form of armor. Her designs are rich in texture, featuring velvet, silk organza, and hand-dyed fabrics. One standout piece was a pale blue dress, ruched and heat-set to create a unique texture. Davies emphasizes finding a community that loves and enjoys her clothes, aiming to create a brand that resonates with people.


Renee Henderson, Wollongong

Label: Lychee Alkira


Renee Henderson’s designs are deeply rooted in her Indigenous heritage. She collaborated with artist Bayley Mifsud to create unique prints for her collection. Henderson also uses eco-dyes from eucalyptus, geranium, and rose petals. Her designs, like a floaty maxidress and a ruched miniskirt, are commercially appealing and eco-friendly. Henderson plans to continue collaborating with Aboriginal designers and is building an online store for her collection.

The Future of Australian Fashion

Seeing these fresh talents was like getting a sneak peek into the future of Australian fashion. The creativity, passion, and innovative spirit of these graduates are truly inspiring. They are not just designing clothes; they are crafting stories and building connections through their work. Keep an eye on these names – they’re bound to make waves in the fashion world!


Q: What is the Innovators event?
A: The Innovators is a runway show at Australian Fashion Week that showcases the work of graduates from the Fashion Design Studio (FDS) in New South Wales. It has been a platform for new talent since 1998.

Q: Who are some notable alumni of FDS?
A: Some notable alumni include Akira Isogawa, Bianca Spender, Nicky Zimmermann, Christopher Esber, Dion Lee, Romance Was Born, and Karla Spetic.

Q: What are some key themes in the graduates’ designs?
A: The graduates’ designs featured themes like sustainability, personal space, and intricate craftsmanship. They used a variety of materials and techniques, including eco-dyes, remnant fabrics, and collaborations with artisans.

Q: What are the future plans of the graduates?
A: The graduates have diverse plans, from moving to London for more experience to building online stores and continuing collaborations with Indigenous designers. They all aim to contribute to the fashion industry with their unique perspectives and innovative designs.

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