For many people looking for a place of refuge, Mexico is not a safe option

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Seeking Safety: Contrasting Realities


Retiring to Mexico for economic reasons might sound like a dream come true for some, but let’s flip the coin and take a peek at the flip side. Picture this: northern Mexico, where folks aren’t sipping margaritas on sandy beaches, but rather huddling in makeshift camps, hoping for a sliver of safety.

A Harsh Reality

Down in Chihuahua, it’s a different scene altogether. Here, hundreds, even thousands, of families from Honduras, Ecuador, and beyond bunk down each night, fleeing violence, climate chaos, or just plain hunger. Their eyes are set on the US, where they hope to find sanctuary. But the road to safety is fraught with peril – think sexual violence, human trafficking, and a scarcity of basics like water and food. Imagine, just four porta-potties and a lone shower for all those souls.


Not by Choice, but by Necessity

Contrast this with the American couple mentioned earlier, who could leisurely plan their move for a cushier life. For these migrants, it’s not about choosing a better lifestyle; it’s about clinging to life itself.

Mexico’s Mixed Bag

Sure, Mexico has a history of welcoming displaced folks with open arms. But let’s face it – it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Many still view Mexico as a risky pitstop, not a safe haven. It’s high time the global community stepped up, offering both financial aid and practical solutions. Everyone deserves a shot at safety, wherever they roam.

Rafael Velásquez
Mexico Country Director, International Rescue Committee

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