Ecuador rations power as Andean drought tightens grip

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Power Struggles: Ecuador Faces Electricity Rationing


Ecuador Faces Electricity Rationing

Ecuador is diving into electricity rationing in its major cities because of a nasty drought tied to the El Niño weather vibes, sapping reservoirs and pinching the output at hydro plants that crank out about 75% of the nation’s juice.

“Hey, folks, let’s reel in our electricity use this week,” the energy bigwigs said in a late Monday shout-out. “Every little bit you save helps us tackle this mess.”

Lights Out, Water Woes

Ecuador’s power woes follow hot on the heels of Bogotá, Colombia’s capital, which had to slap water rations on its folks as reservoirs dipped to scary lows, putting the squeeze on tap water.


Drought Doldrums

Rain’s been playing hooky in Ecuador and Colombia this year, thanks to warmer seas down in the Pacific. That heat can mean floods on the west coast of South America, but it also cooks up wicked droughts in the Andean valleys, right where Ecuador and Colombia like to set up shop.

Spare a Drop, Spare a Watt

Colombia’s feeling the power pinch too, with hydro plants there struggling to keep up. They’re even tossing around the idea of giving tax breaks to businesses that go easy on the juice.

Blackouts by the Clock

Newspapers across Ecuador are laying out when the lights will flicker off in cities like Quito, Cuenca, and Guayaquil. Yep, homes and businesses are in for a three-hour blackout.

Lights Out, Sales Up?

Believe it or not, some shops are actually thriving in the dark. Oriannis Arcano, a candle seller, says her sales are booming. But hey, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Card machines don’t play nice without power, making business a bit of a headache.

Political Sparks Fly

President Daniel Noboa’s pointing fingers, saying his rivals are playing dirty by messing with power plants. He’s got a big vote coming up, including whether to give the nod to extradite criminals. Noboa’s waving the corruption flag too, promising to ease the pain on folks’ wallets for a spell.

So, there you have it, folks. Ecuador’s juggling blackouts, water worries, and political drama all at once. Let’s hope the lights come back on soon!

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