Discovering Fragrance Freedom: A Journey Through Gentle Scents

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Discovering Fragrance Freedom: A Journey Through Gentle Scents



Alright, let me tell you about my three friends who absolutely can’t stand perfumes. One gets nasty migraines, another thinks all perfumes smell identical, and the third one just loves to mess with me. I managed to convince the first two to try what I call “anti-perfume perfumes”—these are natural, subtle scents that don’t smack you in the face like a department store fragrance counter.


So, about my friend with migraines—I introduced her to E11even (£80), and she’s already on her fifth bottle! This perfume was created by TV presenter Cat Deeley and her makeup artist buddy Amanda Grossman. Amanda mixed this delightful, uplifting rollerball scent right at her kitchen table using natural oils like patchouli and geranium. Despite her lack of formal training, Amanda nailed it. The scent is soft, earthy, and intimate—almost innocent. It blends so well with natural skin that sometimes you can’t tell where the skin scent ends and the perfume begins. Even I, a self-proclaimed fragrance fanatic, like to dab a bit of it on during a chill weekend at home.


Why Ginger Scents Are Game Changers

Ginger scents are another big win. I’m a huge fan of Origins’ Ginger Essence (£55 for 100ml). It’s vibrant, unique, and low-key enough that you’d have to be really picky to dislike it. Recently, I also discovered Jo Malone London’s Ginger Beer Cologne (£58), which has a softer, more playful spice with a hint of sweet cinnamon. It’s a fun twist on the usual ginger fragrance.


The Underrated Aesop Fragrances

Then there’s Aesop, an Australian brand mostly known for their sleek, aromatic skin and hand care products. But their fragrances are seriously worth trying, especially if you’re tired of overpowering trendy scents. I had a blast smelling different fragrances at Aesop’s flagship store in London and fell in love with Erémia. This fragrance is green, mossy, and musky, reminiscent of a damp forest clearing. Sadly, at £145 for 50ml, I had to hold off because it didn’t last long enough on my skin. But its subtle beauty is perfect for those who prefer understated scents.

The Charm of Tacit

Aesop’s Tacit (£115) is another gem. This one is a mix of warm orange peel, cloves, and sweet basil, hinting at perfume without being too obvious. Plus, it lasts longer on the skin.

Budget-Friendly Option

If you’re still hesitant about splurging on perfume, you can spend just ten pounds on M&S Apothecary’s lovely Breathe. It’s herby, citrusy, and a great low-risk option.

So, there you have it—some of my top picks for people who aren’t into traditional perfumes. Whether you have sensitive friends or just want to try something new and subtle, these scents are a fantastic way to enjoy fragrance without overwhelming your senses.

Hope you find your perfect scent!

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