Your question: Does the Epic Pass work for mountain biking?

Epic Pass and Vail Resorts locations more your speed? Not to worry. … While bike haul is not included with your complimentary summer lift access through your Epic Pass, passholders can save 20% on mountain bike rentals, which is certainly a nice perk!

Does the Epic Pass include mountain biking?

What the Epic Pass is to skiing, the Free-Ride Unlimited Pass is to mountain bikes with the summer option taking a handful of pages from the same playbook. Take a gander at the launch video: The stats are very similar to its winter-sibling in that the pass covers five resorts: Kirkwood.

What mountains does the Epic Pass include?

Epic Pass is the only Rocky Mountain ski pass you’ll ever need. Your season pass provides you with unrestricted multi-resort access to some of Colorado’s most famous mountain resorts like Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, and Crested Butte, plus Park City Mountain Resort in Utah.

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Does Park City have mountain biking?

In fact, Park City currently boasts more than 450 miles of public trails and recently ranked the mountain town as one of the “Top Mountain Bike Destinations in the USA.” In addition, the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) has ranked Park City as a Gold-Level Ride Center for “the sheer …

Does Epic own mountains?

Epic covers six Colorado resorts: Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, Crested Butte and Telluride. Ikon also is good at six Colorado resorts: Copper Mountain, Steamboat, Winter Park, Aspen Snowmass, Eldora and Arapahoe Basin.

Does Epic Pass include gondola?

Summer Lift Access: Free scenic access on chairlifts and/or gondolas (varies by pass type). Summer lift access is only valid at the same resorts as winter access on your pass. Epic 1-7 Day Passes do not include summer lift access. Bike haul not included.

Do Epic passes work in summer?

Will season pass holders receive any summer benefits with Epic Mountain Rewards? Yes, summer benefits remain unchanged for guests who purchase their 2020-2021 season pass in the Spring. Summer benefits include free lift access as well as discount on lodging, food and beverage, and activities.

Is Breckenridge part of the Epic pass?

The Epic Day Pass with all access includes access to all 34 of our North American owned and operated resorts, including Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Park City and Whistler Blackcomb starting at just $87 for one day of skiing or riding.

Where is the epic pass good for?

Epic Day Pass is valid for the specified number of days (not necessarily consecutive) at: Whistler Blackcomb, Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, Crested Butte, Park City, Heavenly, Northstar, Kirkwood, Stowe, Okemo, Mount Snow, Hunter Mountain, Mount Sunapee, Stevens Pass, Wildcat Mountain, Jack Frost, …

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Is Epic Day pass a lift ticket?

Your other two options for mountain access are Epic Day Lift Tickets purchased in advance or at the window. But if you’re skiing more than 2 days, there’s a Season Pass that will save you money! Epic Day Lift Tickets are lift tickets purchased online in advance of your arrival on our mountains.

Is there mountain biking at Sunshine Village?

You explore the local trails on a mountain bike! … We were actually pretty lucky as we got to ride Sunshine Village for 2 days before I jumped on a mountain bike. Sunshine Village is one of our favourite places to ride and this was our first trip back since we did a full snow season there in Banff in 2007/08.

Can you mountain bike in Park City in May?

Park City, Utah is the premier mountain biking destination.

Arrange your stay, rent a bike, book a guide, and then hit the trails! Prime riding season is mid-to-late May through September, with early May and October offering great riding dependent on the weather.

What is there to do in Park City Utah in the summer?

12 of the Best Summer Activities in Park City

  • Soak in the Views on a Hot Air Balloon Ride. …
  • Stand-up Paddle Boarding in Deer Valley. …
  • Promenade Along Historic Main Street. …
  • Explore the Mountain Trails. …
  • Raft the Rapids of Weber River. …
  • Saddle up for a Horseback Riding Adventure. …
  • Take Your Appetite to the Park Silly Sunday Market.

Is the Epic pass worth it?

An Epic Pass will save you money — even on a short trip

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For the Epic Day Pass, valid at resorts such as Vail, prices start at just $87 per day (compared to $200+ for single-day lift tickets). … Note that your cost-per-day on a multiday Epic Day Pass decreases if you’re skiing for multiple days.

Is Deer Valley part of Epic pass?

For Park City locals: Epic Pass – PC locals have to have it, or a full season pass at Deer Valley.

Is Big Sky part of Epic pass?

The Epic Pass is issued by Vail Resorts and although it’s good at any of the six resorts it owns, including Vail, Beaver Creek and Breckenridge, Big Sky isn’t part of the package.