Where can I rent a bike in Singapore?

Can you hire a bike in Singapore?

There are bicycle rental shops and kiosks dotted around the island – so you can simply get on a bike and hit the road. We’ve got you covered with the bicycle rentals in Singapore. RECOMMENDED: The best cycling trails in Singapore and the best hiking trails in Singapore.

How much does it cost to rent a bike in Pulau Ubin?

Rent a bicycle

Bike rentals in Pulau Ubin are not as costly as mainland Singapore – just $7 – 10 gets you a decent mountain bike for the rest of the day.

Where can I ride my bike in Singapore?

Best Cycling Routes in Singapore

  • Singapore Round Island Loop.
  • Mandai Loop.
  • Mount Faber Loop.
  • Seletar Loop.
  • St. John’s & Lazarus Island.
  • Jurassic Mile.
  • Rower’s Bay Park.
  • Coast to Coast Trail.

Is SG bike still available?

SG Bike. With no deposit to pay (or lose if they go out of business!), SG Bike is still providing pedal power options all over Singapore. We love that this one also has a ride pass so you can ride bikes as much as you want. … A win-win if you want to hire bikes frequently around town!

Where can I cycle at night in Singapore?

Whether it’s coasting through the beating heart of the city centre or along the tranquil outskirts, explore Singapore on wheels after dark with these biking trails!

  • Eastern Coastal Loop. dimpletwinks. …
  • North Eastern Riverine Loop. cheeriosvalerie. …
  • Evening Cycling Tour. Instagram. …
  • Civic District. …
  • Northern Explorer Loop.
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How do I pay for my Singapore bike?

You may purchase the SG Bike Ride Pass via “My Wallet” > “SG Bike Pass” or by redeeming a coupon in “My Wallet” > “Coupons”. As the SG Bike Ride Pass is not considered a balance, it will not be reflected under “Balance”.