What does a bicycle mean?

What does calling someone a bicycle mean?

A bicycle. … (slang) A promiscuous woman; from “the town bike (everybody rides her)”. noun. To ride a bike.

What is the cycling meaning?

the act or sport of riding or traveling by bicycle, motorcycle, etc.

What does bicyclist mean?

A bicyclist is someone who enjoys cycling. [old-fashioned]

What does pulling mean in cycling?

Following a riders close enough to enter his or her air flow and allow the front rider to “pull ” the rider behind them. Forcing them to use more energy to propel themselves forward thus giving the rider in the back a “rest” and tiring out the competition .

What do cyclists call themselves?

If you ride a “bicycle,” your vehicle might also be called a “bike.” You might be called a “biker,” a “bicyclist,” or a “cyclist.”

What is the difference between biking and cycling?

Since motorcycles are also called “bikes”, it is only natural to also refer to motorcyclists as “bikers” and the act of motorcycling “biking”. Cycling enthusiasts refer to cyclists as people who ride a cycle, which can be a bicycle or any kind of cycle. … Most racing events and competitions are called cycling.

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Is cycling a hobby?

Cycling as we know it, is a hobby for many people. However, it is one of the most versatile activities that can become a daily habit. Apart from maintaining good health and helping the environment by reducing pollution, cycling has a lot of benefits that will make you fall in love with it!

Is there a word bicycling?

Meaning of bicycling in English. riding a bicycle or relating to riding bicycles: There are special lanes for bicycling commuters.

Is cycling a drive?

Vehicular cycling (also known as bicycle driving) is the practice of riding bicycles on roads in a manner that is in accordance with the principles for driving in traffic, and in a way that places responsibility for safety on the individual.

What is another word for cyclist?

In this page you can discover 16 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for cyclist, like: cyclists, horse-riders, bicyclist, horseriders, biker, rider, redways, cycling, bicycler, wheeler and motorcyclist.

What does grippy mean in cycling?

Grippy – a slow road. Could be its surface, the terrain. Or the rider! Nailed/glued/stuck to the road.

Why do bike riders ride behind each other?

In cycling, any time one bicyclist is riding behind another, energy is conserved, especially at higher speeds. … When cyclists ride fast they form a paceline. Each cyclist, except the first, is drafting behind another one. In order to ride very fast, a team of some skilled cyclists may form the “Belgian tourniquet”.

What does Palmares mean in cycling?

Palmarès. A list of races a rider has won. (French, meaning list of achievements or list of winners.)

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