Quick Answer: How much should I spend on a mountain bike helmet?

How much should I pay for a decent bike helmet?

Usually, motorcycle riders will spend between $80 to $450 on a motorcycle helmet. A good average of what beginner riders spend on a helmet is about $200 to $300, while more experienced riders will often go for more expensive motorcycle helmets in the $400 to $750 range.

How much does a mountain bike helmet cost?

Go to your local bike shop, and you’ll see helmets prices from $40 to $300 plus.

Is it worth buying an expensive helmet?

So, in the end, are expensive motorcycle helmets worth the extra cost? Up to a certain point, yes. As development is expensive, by buying something more costly, you will potentially be getting a more thought-out helmet, with better comfort, aerodynamics, and maybe somewhat safer.

Why are mountain bike helmets so expensive?

Finally, mountain bike helmets are known to be the most expensive ones because of all the protective coverage they provide.

How much does the average helmet cost?

The Costs. Annual cost of helmets = $261 million. That assumes an $18 average helmet price for adults and $11.50 for children. There are 85.3 million riders, and the helmets last for five years, so one-fifth of the riders buy a helmet every year.

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Are more expensive bike helmets safer?

The Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute did a impact test of two sets of helmets. One of them cheap (US$20.00) the other expensive (US$200.00). The results are clear: there’s no difference.

Do bicycle helmets go bad?

The government testing body in the US, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), recommends replacing a bicycle helmet every five to 10 years. … And many manufacturers tell you to get rid of your helmet after as little as three years.

How often should you change a bike helmet?

“We make a general recommendation that you replace your helmet every three to five years depending on use and handling,” says senior brand manager Eric Richter.

Are POC helmets worth the money?

I find that the aesthetic and value of POC’s Corpora helmet ($120) hits the perfect sweet spot. It’s safe, stylish, and while it is far from cheap, it is not so expensive that I live in fear of having it stolen from a café or bar if I leave it on a table while I order a drink.

What is the best helmet for bike?

These are the best road bike helmets that we carry, all ranked as some of the safest bike helmets by the Virginia Tech helmet study.

  • Lazer G1 MIPS. VA Tech Star Rating: 5/5. …
  • Bontrager Specter WaveCel. VA Tech Star Rating: 5/5. …
  • Bontrager Starvos WaveCel. VA Tech Star Rating: 5/5.

Do bike helmets matter?

According to a 1989 study in the New England Journal of Medicine, riders with helmets had an 85% reduction in their risk of head injury and an 88% reduction in their risk of brain injury. … Nearly every study of hospital admission rates, helmeted cyclists are far less likely to receive serious head and brain injuries.

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Are cheap cycle helmets safe?

It isn’t law to wear a cycling helmet while riding in the UK, but it is the law that every helmet sold here conforms to certain safety standards. Happily, this means that affordable budget helmets offer just as much protection as their more pricy counterparts.

Are AFX helmets any good?

It’s an excellent value with very good quality and a very comfortable liner. Ventilation is better than expected and beats quite a few helmets costing a lot more. The FX-90 also meets both DOT and ECE 22.05 safety standards and it’s available in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

Are Bell Mountain Bike helmets good?

Bell bicycle helmets have some outstanding qualities that make them a safe bet on the road. They employ MIPS technology to protect your brain and head against rotational impact. Moreover, they are lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and safe.

Is MIPS worth the extra money?

MIPS helmets provide an extra degree of safety for all bike riders. So if you’re ready to replace your old helmet, the extra $20 or so to upgrade from a non-MIPS to MIPS-equipped model is well-worth the price.