Question: Which Tube Lines can you take a bike on?

Which tubes can you take a bike on?


Tube line Folded bicycles Non-folding bicycles
East London Line closed until 2010 Line closed until 2010
Hammersmith & City Anytime Outside peak hours
Jubilee Anytime Outside peak times in both directions between: Finchley Road and Stanmore Canning Town and Stratford
Metropolitan Anytime Outside peak hours

Can you carry bike on tube?

In summary: Folded bicycles can be taken free of charge on the tube at all times. Non-folding bicycles can be taken free of charge on some sections of the tube outside peak times. Peak times are 07.30 – 09.30 and 16.00 – 19.00, Monday to Friday, except for public holidays.

Can you take bike on Jubilee line?

Bikes are only allowed on the Jubilee line between Canning Town and Stratford, for that part of the line.

Can you take bikes on the Victoria line?

You can take folded cycles anywhere, at any time on all our transport services. (Electric scooters – folded or not – are not allowed.)

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Are you allowed bikes on trains?

Can You Take Bikes on Trains? First the good news: bikes are allowed free of charge on most British trains at most times of day. However there’s usually a limit of two to six bikes per train, and you may need to reserve a space.

Can I take my bike on the train Greater Anglia?

Yes, bicycles are carried free of charge on Greater Anglia services when accompanied by a valid ticket holder; however all spaces are subject to availability and, on Intercity services on the London to Norwich line, must be reserved. Peak-time cycle restrictions apply in London and Cambridge.

Can you take bikes on the Piccadilly line?

On the Piccadilly Line, non-folding bicycles are allowed outside peak times in either direction between: Barons Court and Hounslow West/Uxbridge Cockfosters and Oakwood. You cannot take non-folding bicycles on moving escalators at any underground station.

Can you take bike on Uber?

A bike rider can order an Uber ride, knowing that in all likeliness that the Uber driver has no bike rack. … The best chance to get an Uber driver willing to transport your bike would be to order an Uber XL. Send a request via the Uber app: Select the “Where to?” box once you’ve opened the app.

Can you take bike on subway?

Yes, you can take a bike on the subway.

Can I take a bike on the DLR?

Bikes will be allowed on Docklands Light Rail (DLR) services at off-peak times, following a successful trial. … Bikes are allowed Monday to Friday except during peak hours (07:30-09:30 and 16:00-19:00) and all day at weekends and bank holidays.

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Can you take bikes on Districtline?

Bicycles are permitted on all sections of the Circle, District, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan Lines, as well as the Docklands Light Railway (except to/from Bank).

Can you take bikes on buses UK?

Can I Take a Bike on a Bus? Most bus services in the UK will allow folding bikes, and a few will let you bring non-folding bikes on board. Whichever the service allows, the decision is ultimately the driver’s. … Two reservable bike spaces are available and folding bikes can also be placed in the luggage rack.

Can you bring a bike on the bus?

Folding bicycles are welcome on board our buses, however we do ask that you fold them and place them in an appropriate space. … If there isn’t enough space on the bus. When your folding bicycle could make the inside of the bus or its seats dirty, or could cause discomfort to other customers.

Can I bring foldable bike on bus?

Am I allowed to bring non-foldable PMDs or bicycles on board public transport? Yes, these devices are allowed on board trains and buses as long as they do not exceed the allowable size dimensions of 120cm by 70cm by 40cm, and do not cause any inconvenience to other commuters.

Can you take bikes on transport for Wales trains?

Yes you can however as our trains have limited capacity, it is strongly recommended that you make your reservation as far in advance as possible and reserve a cycle space at the time of purchasing your ticket. Please note, on some Valleys and Cardiff local routes bicycles cannot be taken on trains during peak hours.

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