Question: How do you tell what year a Schwinn Stingray is?

Flip your bike over and look for a date code imprinted in the metal of the frame near the left pedal. Wipe dirt and oil from the date code, if necessary, so you can read it accurately. Check the last two characters in the date code. If they are “JD,” Schwinn manufactured the bike in 2004.

How can I find out how old my Schwinn bike is?

The serial number on a Schwinn frame will tell you the date that frame was manufactured. It will not identify the model of the bike, only the year the frame itself was manufactured.

How do you read a Schwinn date code?

New numbering system: First letter is the month; first digit is the year.

  1. D836694 = April 1958.
  2. 1959 – A900000…
  3. 1960 – A000000…
  4. 1961 – A100000…
  5. 1962 – A200000…
  6. 1963 – A300000…
  7. 1964 – A400000…

What years were Schwinn Stingrays made?

It weighs in at 39 pounds and features a single-speed coaster brake. Back to Schwinn Bikes. The Schwinn Stingray was made from 1963 to 1981.

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Can you look up a bike serial number?

Can you look up a bike serial number? Yes, you look up your bike’s serial number. They are usually situated under your bike’s bottom bracket.

How much did a Schwinn Stingray cost in 1968?

There wasn’t anything else at the time that one child would have envied another for more than one of these bikes. This model was introduced in 1968 priced from $86.95 to $129.95. In two years’ time, Schwinn sold over one million Krates.

What is a Chicago Schwinn?

The Chicago Schwinns were among the most bomb-resistant bikes ever built, and they were built with unique technology . With the exception of the Sports Tourer, Super Sport, and Superior, they are welded, not brazed. The head tubes look as if they were fillet brazed, but they weren’t.

Does Schwinn still make the Stingray?


The Schwinn Sting-Ray remained in production until 1981, with nostalgic reissues of the original Krates in 1998, 2004, 2008, and 2011.

What is the rarest Schwinn krate bike?

The Grey Ghost is the rarest of all the bikes produced in the legendary Schwinn Krate series. Similar to the Cotton Picker, the Grey Ghost never sold very well, and therefore was only produced for one year.

What was the purple Schwinn Stingray called?

In the late ’60s, Schwinn introduced the Krate bikes which at the time were the top-of-the-line Stingray models which featured bright colors that inspired the name. When it comes to the purple Grape Krate, it seems that this color wasn’t actually offered until 1999.

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How do I tell what year my BMX bike is?

6 Ways to Find the Age of Your Bicycle

  1. Check the Serial Number. The obvious starting point to find the date a bike was made is the serial number. …
  2. Use Online and Offline Literature. …
  3. Look at Specific Parts. …
  4. Ask the Seller or Owner. …
  5. Bring It to a Bike Shop. …
  6. Post Online.

What year is my bike by VIN?

The 10th character in the 17-character VIN represents the vehicle model-year. This standard applies to vehicles built in or after 1981. Before 1981, the VIN format was not standardized and varied by manufacturer.

How do I find my bike model online?

STEP 1: The first step is visiting the official VAHAN website. STEP 2: Click on “Know Your Vehicle Details” at the top navigation menu on the website. STEP 3: Enter the Vehicle Registration Number, or the plate number of the bike for which you may want to find out information.