How many watts does a pro cyclist generate?

An average pro in the Tour peloton will produce about 6.15 W/kg under the same conditions. Assuming a weight of 70 kg (a bit more than 154 lbs.), the average rider will be able to maintain a power output of 163.8 watts for the 20 minute effort while the pro will maintain 429.8 watts.

How many watts does Mark Cavendish produce?

In an interview with Cycle Sport, Cavendish said he puts out over 1500 watts of power. “You’d be surprised at my watts,” Cavendish says. “Most people who say that their maximum is 1,600 watts won’t put out 1,600. My maximum is 1,580, and that is a lot.

How many watts does a sprint cyclist produce?

When pedalling at these cadences, world-class sprint track cyclists can produce incredible levels of power: more than 2,200 watts for men and more than 1,400 watts for women. Healthy men and women in most other walks of life would struggle to produce more than 800 watts and 600 watts on a bike, respectively.

How many watts can Chris Hoy produce?

Diabolical pain and exhilarating highs were the norm for Hoy during his gold-tinted career. The 6ft 1in, 92kg Scot could blast around a velodrome at 80kmh, crank out 2,500 watts of power, and unleash 700Nm of torque – higher than that of a Ferrari Enzo.

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What is the average wattage of a Tour de France rider?

Whereas an average cyclist can produce 100 watts, a pro cyclist can average 400 watts over the final hour of a Tour de France stage. Training intensity is the toughest variable to measure.

How fast do pro cyclists sprint?

The average speed during professional road cycling sprints is 63.9kph (53.7-69.1kph) sustained for between 9 and 17 seconds for men, and 53.8kph (41.6-64kph) for 10-30 seconds for women.

How many watts does Sam Bennett produce?

(His weight is list at 73kg by his Deceuninck-QuickStep team.) Bennett’s 10-second average in the sprint was 1,595 watts while his average speed for 10 seconds was 68.9km per hour, with a maximum speed of 69.2km per hour.

What is a good maximum wattage for cycling?

The article claims that a typical fit cyclist might be able to crank out 250 to 300 watts as an average for a 20 minute FTP (functional threshold point) test, while the pros usually average 400 watts.

Is 200 watts good cycling?

No exact watt number is appropriate for all riders. Generally speaking, a beginner cyclist may average around 75–100 watts in a 1-hour workout. A fit participant will average more than 100 watts, and pro cyclists can reach 400 watts per hour.

How many watts Lance Armstrong?

Armstrong can ride up the mountains in France generating about 500 watts of power for 20 minutes, something a typical 25-year-old could do for only 30 seconds.

What is a good sprint power?

Research with track sprinters shows that on average most power is produced at 120 to 140 revolutions per minute. For more endurance-trained athletes this number will be somewhat lower, but it is important to note that the chosen resistance must in any case last until at least 110 to 120 rpm.

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Do pro cyclists run?

In running, at an elite level, you get a taste of that pro cycling aspect. But you don’t have to run a 1500 meters or a marathon every single day for 21 days. … Also, this sport is way riskier from a health perspective than any running race.

What speed do pro cyclists average?

The average speed for professional cyclists while traversing on flat terrain is 25-28 mph. The average amateur cyclist travels about 17-18 mph while on flat ground.

Whats a good average speed for cycling?

The majority of riders can average a speed of about 15 mph on a one hour ride. A good speed for a beginner is 10 mph, but you should be able to get to 15 mph pretty quickly. If you start training every once in a while, you could get your average up to 18 mph, but training on a regular basis could get you to 22 mph.