Frequent question: Is KTM 390 a good bike?

The Duke 390 is a great all around bike, but there are still a few things that are far from perfect. The first is the play in the throttle. Most of these smaller Dukes have a bit of play in the throttle before it actually starts engaging the engine. … These wheels make it a great bike to take to the track.

Is the KTM 390 a good beginner bike?

An All-Round Performer. Light, agile, versatile, and super strong, the KTM Duke 390 is the all-around perfect choice for a beginner. The chassis on this bike comes loaded with top-notch attributes. For instance, the 390 KTM duke comes standard with lightweight, high-quality, WP forks.

Is KTM 390 good for long rides?

Originally Answered: is the KTM 390 duke fit for touring? Vidyasagar, the 390 does not overheat on highway cruises. You can keep it pinned at 130 all day long without the engine still showing two temperature bars left to go. As long as you don’t plan to ride it in bumper to bumper traffic, the 390 is a great buy.

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Is the KTM RC 390 A good bike?

The KTM RC 390 has always been a sporty bike, but its riding position hasn’t been too aggressive. It does double duty as a fun everyday bike as well as one that you can take to the track.

How fast does a KTM 390 go?

KTM 390 series

Manufacturer Bajaj Auto and KTM
Engine 373.2 cc (22.77 cu in) 4-stroke, liquid-cooled single
Bore / stroke 89 mm × 60 mm (3.5 in × 2.4 in)
Compression ratio 12.6:1
Top speed 174–182 km/h (108–113 mph)

Why KTM engines are not reliable?

KTM engines are reliable as much, if not better. However, the major reason for KTM Duke 390 engine issues are excessive heat and poor dissipation methods used. I’ve seen very less engine issues on Duke 200, which is unbelievable.

Are KTM bikes reliable?

Based on a survey of more than 10 000 bike owners, Consumer Reports ranks KTM in 8th place in terms of reliability. Many adventure bike riders have ridden their KTMs around the world, and since 2001, KTM has won the Dakar Rally 18 years in a row. A well maintained KTM can be just as reliable as a Japanese bike.

Can the KTM Duke 390 go off road?

The KTM Duke 390 and the RC 390 are best for short fast blasts down twisty roads and not really suited for any long rides on or off road.

Where is KTM 390 made?

The new 390 Adventure will be built in the Philippines, but this shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise. The company builds many of its bikes there. The other 390 KTM is built there as well as most of the company’s other models.

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How long will a KTM last?

With regular oil changes and not too many red line riding, KTM engines can happily go on to 60,000 kms without an ache RE engines can go a bit more to 80,000 Kms before needing an overhaul.

Is the KTM Duke 390 fun?

The KTM Duke 390 is a really fun little bike that has both the looks and the performance to put a smile on your face. … It is also not an argument for or against the KTM 390 Adventure due to come out soon. It is an investigation into its ability as a travel companion.

Which KTM is good for touring?

The KTM 390 Adventure is one of the best options available for long-distance motorcycle touring. Its 373cc single-cylinder engine churning out 43hp and 37Nm is capable enough to take you to places quite quickly.

Is KTM RC 390 a superbike?

The revitalized RC 390 takes the lightweight supersport performance to a whole new level. Nearly every small-displacement entry-level sportbike echoes MotoGP and World Superbike inspiration in its bodywork.

Which is better Duke 390 or RC 390?

The claimed mileage . In technical specifications, KTM 390 Duke is powered by 373.2 cc engine , while KTM RC 390 is powered by 373.3 cc engine.

KTM Duke 390 vs KTM RC 390 Summary.

390 Duke BS6 RC 390 BS6
Max Power 43.5 PS @ 9000 rpm 43.5 PS @ 9000 rpm
Fuel Type Petrol Petrol
Colors 390 Duke Colors RC 390 Colors

Is KTM RC 390 good for touring?

Like I said earlier, the KTM RC 390 is a very good motorcycle but it is not really meant for everyone. Long tours and traffic is something that the RC 390 hates. Though it can turn out to be a perfect tool for weekend getaways and track days.

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