Does MCE do multi bike insurance?

Can I insure multiple motorcycles?

Multi-Bike Insurance allows you to insure several bikes on one insurance policy. You can buy a Multi-Bike Insurance policy even if you own several types of bike. Most multi-bike policies will only provide cover for the bike in use but your other bikes will be protected against fire, theft and accidental damage.

Can I add another bike to my insurance?

Multi bike insurance policies work just like normal motorbike policies. You just insure all your bikes at once, with one price to pay. … The price of your insurance is based on the most expensive motorcycle to insure, with each additional motorcycle adding an extra amount to your price.

Is multi bike insurance cheaper?

A multi bike policy tends to be cheaper because insurers calculate the premium partly based on the fact that you’ll only be riding one bike at any given time. Unlike multi car insurance though, multi bike insurance will only cover you, the main rider.

How does a multi bike policy work?

How do multi bike insurance policies work? Multi bike insurance policies work on the premise you can only ride one of your bikes at a time. So while you’re out riding one bike, the ones at home will still be protected against accidental damage, fire and theft – if that’s the level of cover you’ve selected.

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What is a multi bike?

A multi-bike policy covers one rider for several motorcycles. It’s not designed for multiple riders, but you can add additional drivers to individual motorbike insurance policies.

Does MCE do car insurance?

MCE Insurance no longer offers Car Insurance. If your policy is due for renewal or you want a new quote, we have found the best alternative providers in the market for you.

Does direct line do bike insurance?

With Direct Line cycling insurance, you are covered while you’re out riding, plus you can choose the cover that is right for you (Travel Cover or Race and Event Cover, for example).

Can I ride my friends Motorcycle UK?

Yes, it’s possible that someone else can ride your motorcycle as some policies will cover the bike, rather than the rider. However, you must check the terms and conditions of your insurance before you hand over the keys to your friend – even if you trust them completely.