Are all bike brake cables the same?

The main difference that I am aware of is the diameter of the cable. Most brake cables are 1.5 or 1.6mm in diameter. Most shift cables are 1.1 or 1.2mm, galvanized shifter cables are 1.3mm. I’m sure that there is a lot of science behind the difference but I’ll leave that to someone else.

Are bike cables universal?

MTB/Road brake cables are interchangeable and used for bikes with cable-activated brakes (rim brakes and non-hydraulic disc brakes).

Are all bicycle gear cables the same?

Road vs.

There are subtle but key differences between shifter and brake cables. There are also differences between brands and disciplines. Differences go beyond cable thickness too. … There are also slight differences between the standards used by Shimano and Campagnolo for both gear and brake cables for road bikes.

Are Shimano and SRAM cables the same?

the cable ends are the same, and they work. sram pitstop cables are 1.1mm and shimano cables are 1.2mm. i like the sram pitstop cables for all shimano/sram bikes a bit better and use the all the time. but, either will work.

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Can you reuse bike brake cable?

How Do You Reuse Bike Cables? You can use and reuse your bike cables as long as they aren’t damaged or worn out.

Can you use bike brake cable for gears?

in short, yes. Brake cable outers are compressible to a small degree when curved (the wire in the outer is wound like a spring). If you use one for indexed gears, the cable pull could vary slightly as the outer compresses across a curve in it’s route.

What is brake cable?

brake cable in British English

(breɪk ˈkeɪbəl) a cable that connects a brake handle, pedal, or lever to a vehicle’s braking mechanism. The car’s brake cables had been cut.

Can you use brake cable as shift?

It’s really not recommended. Brake cable housings have a coiled metal spiral embedded in them, while compressionless shift cables have a series of tiny round wires running parallel along the length of housing. If you were to use brake cable housings on shift cables the result can be very poor shifting.

Will Shimano brake cables work with SRAM?

2) Are Shimano cables compatible with Sram? Geezer was asking if any difference between road and MTB cables, not difference between gear and brake cables. And Shimano cables will work with SRAM.

How strong is a bike brake cable?

Thickness: Steel cables for brakes and shifting are usually of between 1.1 and 1.5mm diameter, and even the thinnest of such cables has a carrying strength in excess of 250 lbs.

Are Campagnolo brake cables different?

The campag brake cable’s lead thingy at the one end is smaller. There is also a very slight difference in the housing diameter. If you run campag, but can only find shimano brake cable, then you can just file down the lead part to fit in the ergo levers.

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Can I reuse shifter cable?

You can reuse the existing cable/housing BUT the cable will “thread” through the shifter as opposed to brake levers where you can just remove the cable from the slot in the lever and leave everything in place.

Can I reuse cable end caps?

Those end-caps are quite reusable. If you take a pair of pliers and squeeze it gently so that the flattened portion opens up you can then slide it back onto the cable. Using the pliers you can then re-crimp it on the cable.