Creating Harmony: A Stylist’s Haven

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Anna Valentine, a fashion designer with an eye for elegance, finds striking parallels between her design studio and her cozy London abode. Yet, it’s the essence of tranquility at the heart of her refined home that truly captivates. Picture a space that’s graceful, unassuming, where simplicity reigns supreme.

Discovering their first-floor Georgian apartment was akin to unearthing a hidden gem. Despite its dated features – think yellow Formica kitchen and cramped rooms – Anna and her husband Jonathan Berger were smitten by its promise, proportions, and prime location.


The kitchen, overlooking a private garden square, breathes life into their surroundings, especially during vibrant summer days. With her studio just a stone’s throw away, Anna’s journey into fashion began in childhood, stitching clothes for her dolls, fueled by her love for ballet. “My mom fueled my creativity, teaching me to sew and craft – I was practically born with a glue gun,” she chuckles. Fashion took precedence when dance took a backseat in her early twenties.

Anna’s expertise blossomed through hands-on experience, culminating in her own couture and ready-to-wear line. Collaborating with a talented team, she soared to success, notably dressing the Duchess of Cornwall for her wedding – talk about a royal seal of approval!


Their apartment is a haven of understated sophistication, boasting elegant architecture and natural materials. Inspired by Japan’s wabi-sabi philosophy, they enlisted DRDH Architects to restore the space, drawing from the serene interiors of Vilhelm Hammershøi for inspiration.

Walls were knocked down, spaces reconfigured to invite natural light, breathing new life into the home. Custom-made shutters, reclaimed parquet floors, and intricate cornicing weave a tapestry of timeless charm.


Anna’s kitchen exudes an ethereal aura, with bespoke cabinetry and marble surfaces echoing through sleek bathrooms. To maintain the minimalist vibe, a towering cupboard discreetly stows away everyday clutter. Every detail is meticulously curated – from the soothing Farrow & Ball paint to the carefully positioned furnishings.

Furniture, chosen for its sculptural elegance, adds character to each room. A bespoke sofa and a sleek dining table, complemented by antique chairs and artisanal finds, infuse the space with warmth and character.


Scent, too, plays a vital role – Japanese oils and artisanal potpourri create a sensory symphony, enhancing the ambiance without overpowering. “Our home is our haven,” Anna muses, “a sanctuary where every corner whispers tranquility.”

In a world of chaos, Anna’s abode stands as a testament to the power of harmony and simplicity – a haven where style meets serenity.


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There you have it – a glimpse into the enchanting world of Anna Valentine, where every corner tells a story of style, serenity, and soulful living.

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