Canada: bitter clash in parliament over Trudeau ‘wacko’ jibe

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A Heated Parliamentary Showdown in Canada


Canada’s political arena is heating up as the Liberal and Conservative parties engage in a fiery clash in parliament. It all started when the Tory leader got kicked out for calling Justin Trudeau a “wacko”. But this wasn’t just any old debate; it was more like a verbal brawl where insults flew like confetti.

Partisan Punches

The battleground? British Columbia’s decision to decriminalize certain hard drugs. But instead of a civil discussion, it turned into a mudslinging match. Conservative MPs threw around the term “wacko” like it was going out of style, testing the boundaries of parliamentary decorum.

Trudeau vs. Poilievre: Round One

The feud between the parties reached a boiling point when Trudeau accused the Conservative leader, Pierre Poilievre, of spineless leadership, even hinting at ties to white nationalist groups. In response, Poilievre didn’t hold back, labeling Trudeau a “wacko”. When asked to take it back, he offered “radical” and “extremist”, but the speaker wasn’t having any of it.


The Speaker’s Hammer

The House speaker, Greg Fergus, had had enough. He ordered Poilievre out, a move rarely seen in recent times. The Conservatives cried foul, accusing Fergus of playing favorites and demanding his resignation.

Dueling Narratives

The aftermath was a storm of finger-pointing. Conservatives slammed Fergus, while Liberals accused Poilievre of being a loose cannon. But amidst the chaos, both parties saw an opportunity for fundraising, firing off emails to their supporters.

Personal Touches

Poilievre didn’t back down, standing by his “wacko” remark and doubling down on his criticisms of Trudeau’s policies. His words? Trudeau’s carbon tax hike, housing costs doubling, and ballooning national debt—all “wacko” in his book.

Unpacking the Drama

At the heart of the issue lies parliamentary etiquette. While “wacko” might sound tame compared to some past exchanges, it’s all about tone and intention. And in this case, it landed Poilievre outside the chamber.


Canada’s political landscape is anything but tranquil. With insults flying and tempers flaring, it’s clear that the upcoming federal election will be one for the history books. But amidst the chaos, one thing’s for sure: the gloves are off, and no one is holding back.

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