Camouflage review – the dark past of Argentina’s dirty war detention centres

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Unearthing the Shadows: A Glimpse into Campo de Mayo’s Dark History


A chilling tale unfolds as Jonathan Perel delves into the eerie past of Campo de Mayo, once a sprawling military base turned into a grim detention center during Argentina’s notorious dirty war. In this haunting documentary, we follow the footsteps of esteemed writer Félix Bruzzone as he traverses the infamous grounds, where the echoes of history resonate with every step.

Discoveries in the Dust

Bruzzone, a local resident, only recently uncovers his family’s connection to the site. His mother, snatched away by the secret police, became one of the many victims who vanished without a trace under the iron grip of the military regime. As Bruzzone reflects on this painful revelation, his path crosses with an archaeologist, revealing the grim truth buried beneath the soil – the bones of the disappeared, silently bearing witness to the atrocities of the past.


Echoes of the Past

While jogging through the landscape, Bruzzone dons a VR headset, transporting him to a haunting realm of 3D images depicting the once-standing torture huts, now reduced to rubble. These ghostly apparitions, though intangible, carry profound significance, illustrating the elusive nature of capturing the horrors of bygone days. Yet, amidst the solemnity, a scripted encounter with a young woman peddling soil from the camp to tourists disrupts the authenticity of the narrative, serving as a jarring reminder of the blurred lines between truth and dramatization.

Navigating the Shadows

As Bruzzone grapples with the ghosts of the past, he stumbles upon a stark reality – despite the camp’s dark history, the surrounding properties have seen a steady increase in value over the years. It’s a stark reminder that, for some, profit outweighs the weight of history’s atrocities, a disheartening revelation in the face of lingering pain and injustice.

In the end, Perel’s documentary serves as a poignant reminder that the past is not a distant memory but a living, breathing entity, intertwined with the present in ways both tangible and ethereal. Through the lens of Bruzzone’s journey, we are compelled to confront the shadows of history, grappling with the complexities of remembrance and reconciliation.

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