Bronzers: 10 of the best

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The Perfect Guide to Using Bronzers

I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard about bronzers a thousand times. What they are, what they do, how to use them—yet, many of us still don’t quite get it. Maybe it’s because we haven’t found the perfect one yet. So, let’s start from the beginning.


What Bronzers Are Not

First things first, bronzers aren’t meant to make you look like a bronze statue. If your bronzer is doing that, you’ve got the wrong product! Unless, of course, you actually want to look that way—then more power to you. But generally, a bronzer is just a bit of makeup designed to make your skin look more vibrant and lively. It’s all about achieving that natural, sun-kissed glow without the sun damage.

Finding the Right Bronzer for You

Picking the right shade is super important. It’s better to start with something subtle and build up gradually. The texture matters too. Whether it’s liquid, cream, or powder, the bronzers listed here are easy to apply and almost foolproof, even if you’re not a makeup pro. The key is that these bronzers complement natural skin tones, so you won’t end up looking like an overly-toasted orange.


Types of Bronzers

Here’s a little extra: The texture of the bronzer can totally change how it looks and feels on your skin.

  • Liquid Bronzers: Great for a dewy finish and easy blending.
  • Cream Bronzers: Perfect for a more natural look and smooth application.
  • Powder Bronzers: Ideal for oily skin and a matte finish.

These different textures make it simple for everyone to find their perfect match.


Top Picks for Bronzers

  1. Isle of Paradise Sunny Serum – £15.95,
  2. Giorgio Armani Beauty Bronzing Powder – £46,
  3. NARS Laguna Ultimate Face Palette – £60,
  4. Indeed Nanobronze Deep Bronzing Drops – £24.99,
  5. Fenty Sun Stalk’r Bronzer – £29,
  6. Clinique Sunkissed Face Gelee – £32,
  7. Saie Dew Liquid Bronzer – £20,
  8. Clarins Bronzing Powder – £40,
  9. Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sun-Kissed Powder – £75,
  10. Beauty Pie Awesome Bronze – £16.50,

A Little Extra Tip

Remember, less is more. You can always add more bronzer if needed, but it’s harder to take it off once it’s on. Start with a light hand and build up gradually. This way, you’ll achieve a more natural, radiant look.

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