All black is back – again. Here’s how to wear it in 2024

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Black is the New Cool

Wearing all black looks so stylish. It gives off a cool vibe. I know, this isn’t groundbreaking fashion news since, like, 1957. And yeah, I sound kind of basic saying it. But seriously, it’s worth repeating. Sometimes we forget the obvious, and it’s good to remember that all black can be a lifesaver for your wardrobe. It works for any occasion and never fails you.


How to Rock All Black

Do you know the best way to wear black? Sounds like a silly question, right? The whole idea of wearing black is to look effortlessly cool, like you were just born that way. But actually, to make it work, you need to put in a little bit of effort. Don’t worry, no one has to know.


Wearing black from head to toe can make you look mysterious and a bit intriguing. But you need to add something to make it stand out, so you don’t just blend into the background. There are a few tricks to this: playing with shapes, textures, or details. Any of these can make black look amazing instead of blah.


Shapes and Silhouettes

Let’s start with the shape of your outfit. Black is perfect for dramatic shapes. Think about superheroes – Batman always looks sleek in black. Dramatic shapes that might seem too much in bright colors look chic and elegant in black. Not that you should wear a full cape and mask, but black makes a caped sleeve or wide-legged pants feel more wearable. So if you want to try an eye-catching silhouette, go all black to keep it grounded.


Layer It Up

Another way to up your black game is layering. Instead of just a sweater and jeans, try a jacket over a vest over a t-shirt with jeans – all in black. This adds visual interest without looking messy because the black keeps it streamlined. It works even better if you mix different textures or shades of black. Think about a soft, faded black t-shirt, a peek of a corduroy vest, and the shiny black of a tuxedo jacket: perfect.

Little Touches Matter

Even if you like to keep your basic pieces simple, you can stop black from looking boring with small touches. Are you wearing a belt? Seriously, a belt can change everything. A sleek or braided leather belt with a shiny buckle adds polish to simple pants and a shirt or cinches in a blazer or cardigan. Don’t forget about jewelry: go for bright and shiny, like silver or gold, rather than beads or soft colors. Or try a string of white pearls – they look great with unexpected outfits.

Shoes and Socks

An even simpler trick is to change your shoes. The only thing better than head-to-toe black might be head-to-ankle black. Adding a pop of color with your shoes is totally allowed, even encouraged. Red ballet flats, metallic sandals, or creamy white sneakers work great. Or stick with black shoes but add bright socks. Black should make dressing easy, not boring. Think all black, not all blah.

Final Thoughts

Black is timeless and chic, and with a few simple tricks, you can make it anything but boring. So next time you’re in doubt, go for that all-black outfit and make it your own.

Styling assistant: Sam Deaman. Model: Liz De Aza at Milk. Hair and makeup: Sophie Higginson using Hair by Sam McKnight and Merit. Trench coat and sunglasses: All Saints. Dress: Zara.

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