Adidas bans fans from adding ‘44’ to German team football shirt

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Adidas Bans Customization on German Football Shirt

So, Adidas has decided to ban football fans from customizing the German national shirt with the number 44. Why? Well, it turns out that the number 44 looks a bit too much like a symbol used by the Nazi SS units during World War II. Yikes, right?


The SS, which stands for Schutzstaffel, was a super scary paramilitary group under Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich. These guys were responsible for some of the worst atrocities, including the horrific genocide of Jewish people across Europe.


This whole issue was brought up by a historian named Michael König. He thought the design of the kit was “very questionable” and brought it to everyone’s attention.


The Pink Jersey Drama

But wait, there’s more! The German away kit also stirred up some drama because it’s pink. Some fans say the pink color shows off Germany’s diversity, which sounds pretty cool, right? But others are saying it’s untraditional and just a sneaky way for the German Football Association (DFB) to make more money.


An Adidas spokesperson, Oliver Brüggen, spoke up about the controversy. He insisted that any resemblance to Nazi symbols was totally unintentional. “We as a company are committed to opposing xenophobia, antisemitism, violence, and hatred in every form,” he said. “We will block personalization of the jerseys.”


A Dark Symbol

Now, let’s talk about the SS rune. Designed way back in 1929, this symbol has become a nasty reminder of the terrible crimes committed by the Nazis. The SS were the guys guarding concentration camps, interrogating suspected traitors, and running extermination camps like Auschwitz, where more than a million people were murdered.


Not the First Kit Controversy

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time a football kit has caused a stir lately. Fans of the England team were not happy about changes made to the St George’s cross on the back of the team’s shirt collar. Nike, who designed the shirt, said the use of purple and navy alongside the traditional red was meant to represent inclusivity. But critics thought it was disrespectful and just a case of “virtue signaling.” Even Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, called for it to be scrapped.


Looking Ahead to the Championship

This year’s European Football Championship is set to take place in Germany, with games happening in 10 different cities. The fun kicks off on June 14th, with the hosts taking on Scotland. Let’s hope the focus stays on the game and not on the kit controversies!


Adidas bans customizing German football shirt with number 44 due to Nazi symbol resemblance


  1. Introduction of historian Michael König’s concerns
  2. Controversy over the German away kit’s pink color
  3. Adidas spokesperson Oliver Brüggen’s statement
  4. Explanation of the SS rune and its dark history
  5. Mention of previous football kit controversy with England team
  6. Information about the upcoming European Football Championship

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