A Walk Down Memory Lane with Biba and the Rest of My Wild Stories

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A Walk Down Memory Lane with Biba and the Rest of My Wild Stories


Alright, let me take you back to the good old days. Picture this: I was that secretary making just £10 a week. Yeah, you heard that right. I was living the struggle but loving every minute of it. Back then, Biba was the place to be. Those £3 dresses were like treasures. I remember squeezing into those tight armholes and thick materials. We didn’t have much money, so dry cleaning? Forget about it! I still have a few Biba pieces stashed away, like little memories of a fabulous time.

Lynn Wiseman, Lewes, East Sussex

The Festival That Always Gets Overlooked

Every year, there’s a fantastic festival guide. And every year, it feels like my favorite festival gets left out! The Purbeck Valley Folk Festival is the best-kept secret. It’s got everything: dance, crafts, fancy dress, therapies, choir, storytelling, pyrotechnics, and four whole days of amazing music. It’s affordable, family-friendly, and set in a beautiful location. How can they miss it?


Moira Nunn, Bristol

A Hilarious Google Search Mishap

I feel you, Ian Garner. Google can be a tricky friend. Once, I was at work trying to figure out how to hang my new TV over the chimney. So, I typed in “wall hung TV over chimney breasts”. The results? Let’s just say they were not safe for work and nearly got me fired. Talk about an awkward situation!

Mary Kelly, Belfast

A Split Vote Crisis

The thought of splitting the anti-Tory vote gives me chills. I’ve decided Keir Starmer isn’t my pick, but after reading that interview with Angela Rayner, I’m all in for her. She’s got my vote!

Alison Leonard, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

Spurs Fan for Life

I’ve been a die-hard Spurs fan for 75 years. That’s right, 75 years! We’re everywhere, us Spurs supporters. COYS (Come On You Spurs)!

Anne Spragg, Swinford, County Mayo, Ireland

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