A Turning Point for Barbados: No Payout for MP Drax

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A Turning Point for Barbados: No Payout for MP Drax


Hey there! Have you heard about the big news coming out of Barbados? The Prime Minister, Mia Mottley, just made a major decision that’s shaking things up. Let me break it down for you in a way that’s easy to understand.

So, here’s the scoop. There was this plan to pay millions of pounds to Richard Drax, a British Conservative MP, for buying 53 acres of his plantation, Drax Hall. But hold up – Mottley put a stop to that. Why? Because a lot of people were really mad about it. They felt that Drax, whose family has a history tied to slavery, should give the land to the people of Barbados instead.

Mottley talked about this in a YouTube video, explaining why she’s putting the brakes on the purchase. She said, “I get why many Barbadians feel cheated out of getting a proper settlement for the years of blood, sweat, and tears their ancestors put into that land. This isn’t something we take lightly.”


Voices of Change

Trevor Prescod, an MP from Barbados who’s leading the charge for reparations, is all for Mottley’s move. He thinks Barbados shouldn’t pay anything for Drax Hall. “I’ve been getting calls from all over the world,” he said. “People understand the pain and history. Why should we pay those who enslaved us? The people of Barbados are standing up to protect their money.”

Richard Drax, who’s worth a staggering £150 million, inherited the plantation from his father in 2017. The plantation, built in the 17th century, was worked by enslaved people for 200 years. And even after slavery was abolished in 1834, Drax’s family got a big payout – over £4,200, which was a huge amount back then.

The Plan for Housing

The 53-acre land was picked for a big project to build 500 homes. Mottley has promised to build 10,000 homes to help with the island’s housing needs. There are 20,000 people waiting for homes in Barbados, so this project is super important.


A property expert said that if the land was used for housing, it could be worth about £3.2 million. That’s a lot of money!

A Meeting with History

Back in October 2022, Drax visited Barbados to meet Mottley. He was asked to give up a big part of the Drax Hall plantation as a form of reparations. Mottley isn’t happy with how slow things are moving. She said the government is looking at their legal options, not just against Drax, but anyone else responsible for the tough conditions in Barbados, which she says is one of the worst examples of modern racism in the Americas.

A Crime Scene?

Sir Hilary Beckles, from Barbados and the head of the Caricom Reparations Commission, has some strong words about Drax Hall. He called it a “crime scene,” estimating that 30,000 Africans died there during slavery.

As for Drax, he hasn’t said much. In the past, he mentioned that what his ancestors did was “deeply, deeply regrettable, but no one today can be blamed for what happened hundreds of years ago.”

What’s Next?

So, what does this all mean? For now, it looks like Barbados is taking a stand. They’re not rushing into any deals, especially ones that don’t sit right with the people. This move by Mottley might just be the start of something bigger, a push for justice and reparations that’s long overdue.

Let’s keep an eye on this story. It’s a powerful reminder of how history still affects us today, and how important it is to fight for what’s right. Stay tuned!

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