The Tutu Skirt Trend: More Than You Think!

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The Tutu Skirt Trend: More Than You Think!


Hold up! Don’t click away just yet! Yeah, I noticed you almost scrolled past this because you saw “tutu skirts” in the mix. I can almost hear you thinking, “Who’s gonna rock a tutu skirt these days?”

I feel you. I was totally on the same page until recently. When I first caught wind of the tutu skirt craze, I was dead set against it. You couldn’t have paid me to prance into the office draped in tulle.

But guess what? Here I am, strutting my stuff in a tutu skirt not just once, but multiple times this week, even at Paris fashion week. Crazy, right? Call it the era of the tutu skirt, folks.


So, how did this whirlwind romance begin? Well, it kicked off back in January. Remember that iconic ruffled white tutu miniskirt Sarah Jessica Parker rocked as Carrie Bradshaw in the OG “Sex and the City” opening? Yeah, that gem went under the hammer at Julien’s auction house, fetching a cool $52,000 (£40,800). Then, Chanel’s haute couture show turned heads with their tutu skirt extravaganza in black, ivory, and ballet-slipper pink.

Suddenly, paired with a tweed jacket, the tutu skirt looked sophisticated. I found myself thinking, “Hey, maybe tulle ain’t so bad after all.”

My own tutu skirt has been chilling in my wardrobe for three years now, ever since I snagged it from Simone Rocha’s H&M collection. It’s this dreamy blush pink, cascading down to my calves with flirty ruffles swaying from hip to hem. It’s a stunner, but until recently, it gathered dust.


Am I channeling the “coquette” vibe? Nah. Am I all about that “balletcore” aesthetic? Nope, not my jam. But as a standout piece in an otherwise laid-back ensemble, the tutu skirt is surprisingly versatile. Trust me. Opt for knee-length or longer for that graceful sway; anything shorter screams “Swan Lake cosplay.”

Think of it as a statement skirt, dressed up in tulle. Don’t let the fabric scare you off. We’ve rocked statement skirts before, from wild prints to pleated wonders. This slightly dramatic silhouette – almost like the bottom half of a ball gown – is perfect for when you want to stand out without blending in.

Now, here’s the real kicker: charm. The tutu skirt’s got it in buckets. It’s refined yet quirky – very Carrie Bradshaw-esque, if you ask me. Dress it down with a cozy knit or keep it classy with a chic blouse. Personally, I find it flatters my non-model figure best with a fitted top that hits below the waist, like a tucked-in tee under a hip-length blazer or a snug jumper that covers the first few inches of the skirt.

Still not sold? Hey, I get it. I was skeptical too. But trust me, don’t sleep on the tutu skirt trend.

Styling assistant: Sam Deaman. Hair and makeup: Sophie Higginson using Ouai and Ilia beauty. Model: Cynthia at Milk. Jumper: BA&SH. Shirt: Toteme. Skirt: Next. Boots: Russell & Bromley

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