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Selling your old clothes isn’t just about being eco-friendly, it’s also about making room for more pre-loved fashion in your closet. Here’s how you can pass on your unwanted threads and make some space for new finds:

1. Set the Right Price

I don’t want my old clothes to hang around for ages before finding a new home! Using platforms like eBay and Vinted, you can reach a wide audience and sell almost anything in a couple of weeks, as long as you price them realistically.

The mistake many sellers make is thinking that the value of an item is the same as what they paid for it in the past. Nope, that’s not how it works. You’ve got to accept that you won’t get back the full price – you’ve already worn and enjoyed it.


Looking at what similar items have sold for can help you set a fair price. For big brands, you might get around 50% of the original price; for high street stuff, it could be 20% to 30%. And maybe think twice before buying loads of low-quality fast fashion that nobody wants!

– Jay, London

2. Share with Friends

I’ve had luck passing on my clothes to friends and family. Even friends of friends! I ask around if anyone needs something I’m getting rid of, whether it’s because of size, style, or just a good match. It’s satisfying to see your old clothes find new homes, especially if you know they’ll actually get worn.


Learning to sew and mend clothes has been a game-changer. So many pieces end up in the trash just because of a little snag or stain, but a few stitches can fix them right up. And for costumes or vintage items that are hard to sell, consider donating to local theaters or schools.

– Adrienne, California

3. Support Special Charities

I have a routine for getting rid of my clothes. I offer the best pieces to friends with similar tastes, and I sell high-quality brands on sites like Vestiaire. Workwear in good condition goes to Dress for Success, while the rest goes to a local charity that supports people in need.


I used to shop at that charity store myself, so it feels good to give back. Plus, it’s a way to keep clothes out of the landfill.

– Anonymous, Sydney

4. Keep Them Clean

Take care of your clothes while they’re still yours! Treat them like you want to keep them forever: repair them when needed, keep them clean, and be ready to sell them for less than you paid.

For me, selling clothes isn’t just about making money, it’s about finding them a new home and decluttering my own space. And remember, buying second-hand helps keep the cycle going!

– Anonymous, Wellington


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