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@@@@@Basked too Long: The Sunscreen Saga Unveiled


Three chats, three holiday tales, all ending in sunburn. The first lady, a no-sunscreen-at-home advocate, ditched it while swimming, deeming it unnecessary. Then came the sunscreen skeptic, cursing its thick, sludgy texture and ghostly residue. Lastly, there was the sun-worshipper, shunning SPF for fear of hampering that golden tan. The SPF confusion? It’s migraine-inducing, but here we go again.


Unless you reside in a sun-proof fortress, sunscreen is your year-round companion. Thankfully, modern formulations ditch the chalky masks of yesteryears for skincare-mimicking wonders. The sun? It’s a tricky pal. Sure, it gifts you vitamin D, but it’s also a sneaky foe, waging war on your skin. Let’s bust a myth: a tan ain’t a sign of health—it’s your skin crying out for help. Sunscreen isn’t just skin armor against cancer and burns; it’s the shield against age spots and premature wrinkles. And if all else fails, vanity might just sway you to slather on that SPF.


  1. Hello Sunday The One That’s a Serum SPF 50 £23,
  2. Origins Ginzing SPF 30 Daily Moisturizer £34,
  3. Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face SPF50+ Brightening Sun Serum £38,
  4. Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF 50+ Lightweight Skinscreen £38,
  5. Innisfree Daily UV Defence Sunscreen High Protection SPF 30 £22,
  6. Murad Multi Vitamin Clear Coat SPF50 £42,
  7. Sol de Janeiro Rio Radiance, SPF 50 Body Lotion £40,
  8. Shiseido Expert Sun Protector Lotion £19,
  9. Supergoop! Play Mineral Lotion SPF30 £35,
  10. Glossier Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen £32,

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